Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just another bike ride

Rode before sunrise because fangs and suns do not mix well

This is when I blog just to keep you guys from thinking that I’m dead or have been abducted by the AXE Girls. In any case of you not hearing from in a span of a month, the second part is likely to have happened.

This is a grass. A tall grass. The guy describing this photo is a moron. This is a moron's comment.

Along the road at Yati, Liloan I saw an ambulance lying on its side, its front looking like a failed math test. It’s a Suzuki-scrum-kind-of-ambulance. I found out when I get home that it hit a culvert and a faucet. News says the driver was heading home to Tabogon after taking somebody to a hospital in Cebu City. But he had some alcohol instead of taking in caffeine and when you are not so good at choosing the right drink you end up somewhere unplanned. A case of ambulance-driver-turned-passenger.

Practising an essential mountain-biking skill called "running into a banana tree"

Did a short bike ride today because I haven’t biked for so long I might forget how to do it. I’ve been into football recently because it’s what I’ve always wanted to do since high school and now I found a play and people to play with so I’m into it like crazy.

Mini-garden and real garden are the same banana

I keep digressing I know. It’s because I read Reader’s Digress a lot. So I went to this place in Liloan that I’ve been to hundreds of times but I still don’t know what it’s called. One thing I notice were all the newly set up mini-gardens. I don’t know what those things are for but they sure look neat and people finally had the mind to clean up their own yards.

Lately I’ve been eating everything that gets in my way so this short ride is all worth it. On my way down there were two cyclists pedaling up and one guy took my line and he was not suppose to be there especially that I was going down fast. People, stay in your line or stay at home.

Aside from staring at the monitor all day, I also sideline as a superhero who moves mountains

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kaila galing ko ana...is that one of the Power Rangers?

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