Monday, August 8, 2011

Poro, Camotes

Poro camotes post officeThe central post office of Camotes Island. I spent my first 10 years in Cebu living near the Cebu City Central Post Office and I'd pretend to practice being a goalkeeper back in high school by bouncing the ball against its walls and catching it on rebound. I guess you can't do that here.

Poro was not part of the plan. We just went there because we ran out of cash and there were no foreigners we can whore ourselves to. There is nothing special about Poro, Camotes except the DBP ATM that can save you at your worst time. It charges you at 25-peso “convenience fee” for making life convenient for you, I supposed.

Normally you’ll only pay 15 pesos for withdrawal from other banks. Not that I think you need to be told of that. I’m just bitter. Well, I was more of bitter-glad. I heard from friends who've been to Camotes that ATMs here run out of money. Good thing there's something for me there.

Since we were already there, we decided to have a look around. This is no town walk or urban walk or whatever fancy name it is that people give to being curious about a place. People who do that just want to make a big deal about themselves so they make up names.

There's nothing to see in Poro but you can find the stuffs that you need there. It's 4km plus from San Francisco and a habal-habal the only transport you can have so don't go there unless you badly need an ATM.

An old school shell gas station at Poro, Camotes. Most of the gasoline in the island are sold in 1-liter Coke bottles. There is a real gas station before you reach the town center of San Francisco. The girl in blue shirt is my boss.

Poro camotes town houseThe town center of Poro, Camotes. Here you can find a DBP ATM(no bank, just the machine), Cebuana Lhuiller, M. Lhuiller, a rural bank, and Julie's Bakeshop. There is a market, naturally.

I've never seen a real chimney before in my life. I mean, a brick chimney that was built for real use, not those that were made for fancy.

Poro camotes pier portThis is the pump boat you would see in Danao. The travel time is similar to riding the bigger ship. The bigger ship docks in Consuelo, that's nearer to Santiago Bay and Mangodlong. This one is in Poro, as I've been repeating like crazy.

Poro camotes pension houseA pension house that has a wide window for midnight harana. (I'm lying. That's just a window, really. nyahahaa)

Poro camotes churchThe parochial church of Poro, Camotes. It was so desolate when we got there. To think it was a Sunday. Actually, the whole town is really sleepy. It's like martial law at noon time.

poro camotesHere's what you got to know about the church.

poro churchI checked it, it does have water alright. They call it a public drinking facility, scary name.

Tokhem Leiden Holland CamotesThis gas pump dates back to the days when China did not make everything. Now, even the air we breathe is from China.


Wolfie said...

Hi, I'd like to ask for help regarding accommodations in Poro. We'll be going there this weekend to do heritage conservation work. May I know the name of the pension house you stayed in there? How much is the rate? Thanks.

Bal Marsius said...

Hello bai,

we stayed at a resort along the coast of santiago bay on the first day and on the second we stayed at mangodlong beach resort. i think the first one was around 1,000 while you can check the rates at mangodlong here

i hope that helps. feel free to ask more questions.

Penfires! said...

I haven't been to Poro but I have been to Consuelo at least in the Mangodlong part, from your pics you can feel how really 'slow' life is there.

I like the pic of the pension house, it's wonderful to see heritage structures like old houses being preserve kaso sayang you did not upload a full pic of it, nice ta matan-aw ang full house =)

Bal Marsius