Saturday, April 30, 2011

Binuthan Cave: to the other side

Three days ago I went to Binuthan Cave but didn’t go in because I have no light, rope, or anything. Talk about being smart. I did go back three days later....

This is the entry where the photos do more of the talking. I mean, we’re so cute and all that you guys only have to look at us and you’ll be satisfied already.

Inside the cave you’ll probably spend about one hour and 30 minutes. That won’t kill you, for sure. But better bring full battery and don’t buy made-in-China. Take it from me XD.

Things to bring so you’ll get out alive:
  • rope
  • life vest / floaters / buoyantly fat friend
  • light
  • fare / cash
  • food
  • water
  • camera (extremely important)
  • local guide

If you plan to go to Bonbon via jeep, you will have to wait until the departing time 11am. Of course, you have to tell your friends to meet up at Carbon around 9am because people who agree to meet up at nine usually show up at eleven.

  • Tell your family what time to expect you so they can prepare for your funer...meal! So they can prepare you a nice meal when you get home
  • Tell at least one friend where you are really going (they might look for you at the beach while you are there lying dead at the edge of civilization)
  • Make a list of who-gets-what in case you are not fortunate enough to make it back (You could drown inside or fall on your way up to the mouth of the cave).
  • Don’t read this blog if you want to be positive about your trip. I don’t intend to scare people or anything, I just have an uncontrollably morbid sense of things.
  • Don’t worry really, as long you don’t show off or don’t act dumb nothing will happen to you

“binuthanFirst river crossing after a steep descent off the highway. This is the part where you feel cute.

“binuthan After crossing the river we go up a steep hill will loose soil.

“binuthan This is when you get itchy all over

“binuthan Keeping our balance

“binuthan That's Manong Fermin our guide. He carries a bolo. But don't worry, it's not for you.

“binuthan And the long climb up the waterfall starts

“binuthanPretend you're spiderman and don't look scared. It's easy I swear.

“binuthan You'll surely need a hand. I mean, other than the two that you already have.

“binuthanThat's Nong Ben, co-tour guide. He led me when I did my recon last Wednesday (People who use the word "recon" all the time are just trying to be cool)

“binuthan Inside the mouth of the cave. I skipped the photos with the drowning-depth water. It's so beautiful I don't want you to see it


“binuthanAnd more rocks..whatever they are called. Feel free to let me know

“binuthanIf you wanna how bright it is inside the cave, just go to your restroom, turn the light off, and blindfold yourself twenty might wanna consider my tip of bringing a flashlight

These are the reasons why you should be careless and not watch your head when you are inside.

I don't know what it is, I don't know why I took this photo, and I don't even know why you are still reading lousy stuffs up to here.

“binuthan There is always (green) light at the end of the tunnel...

We did not go home just yet. We checked this other cave Satuhan. Nothing interesting there really. Just a big oppening. You can see its other end at the entrance.

Some weirdos turned the place into a Catholic-church-looking "sanctuary." These cult pips call their organization JmJr. I bet the opening hymn of their mass is bowowow yippie yo yippie yey!

“binuthan When we went inside I was expecting someone to proclaim the Philippine Indepence here...(Manong anong petsa na?) ps: Makes you miss the five-peso bill

“binuthan So this is the official name of the place. In acronym, it is TKECGISSICCP..souns like an HTML stuff (I made up the initials, by the way. nyahaha)


soldiver said...

nice photos. i miss that cave. i used to go there a lot a long time ago to survey giant pythons (said to live inside the cave) Wa jud ko nakit-an bisag usa. ha ha ha! I hope cebu city can protect it. such a nice eco-destination for cebu. thanks for the blog :)
BTW, have you seen the lagoon inside? just a corner behind that huge rock near the main entrance. next time you go back, turn off the lights and disturb the water of the lagoon. But I hope the phosphorus deposit still there to make it glow :)

Davey and the Pronies said...

this is one of those blogs i actually enjoyed reading. love the humor. i just started a travel blog too. i wasn't sure if i'll be able to keep it but this post, especially is kinda inspiring so, i guess i'll have to keep mine alive and try to make it as engaging as yours. :)

Melgrace Abandula said...

Now I remember - this is the blog my friend showed me coz he found your posts amusing. Keep blogging. :)

approximately lost said...

aww...davey is your friend? thanks! checkout my siquijor trip, too. :D

lakbay philippines said...

what??? i only got to read your other post. heck. karun pa nuon nako ni nabasa nahuman na mi'g exhibition ngadto hahahaha...

seriously for readers, he's not exaggerating. there were 9 of us and we only have two flashlights - one was from a cellphone. and it was reallllyy difficult!

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