Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shattered thoughts

Philippines vs. Mongolia My boss, Chyrel Gomez, during the AFC Challenge Cup Phils. vs Mongolia game in Bacolod. She is not yet my employer at this time. (Photo stolen with permission)

Yesterday my shin got hit when I tried to block a shot. I thought they'd shatter (that's exaggeration). But here are some real shattered stuffs, my thoughts about the game:

Neil Etheridge dove for a ball 10 yards off target. It was already out of bounds when he put a palm on it. Guess the guy was just rehearsing a youtube vid on how to dive for a ball 10 yards off target.

At least Sri Lankans really look like Sri Lankans.

Any team that can play football with a heart despite being down 4-0 in the 90th minute deserve some like page on Facebook.

Sometimes I’m still confused between Phil Younghusband and Dr. Phil

What looks like a British, walks like a British, and talks like a British? A Filipino footballer.

Nathanielsz is the man of the match for keeping his mouth shut until the end of the match. Last time he made me feel like I was watching a boxing match and I almost expected the two keepers to run to the middle and throw punches at each other.

Tuna sales expected to skyrocket after Azkals game.

Angel guirado shows why he's our favorite player

James proves why he deserves more commercials than Phil

A Sri Lankan player gave away a penalty. No question, it is indeed a penalty. But Shrock deserved a two-legged, studs-up tackle just to shake that (German?) arrogance off him. Too bad the Sri Lankan lowered his boots down and bent his knees before collision.

Nobody told me Bobby Nalzaro has taken up the coaching job for the Azkals.

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