Friday, August 5, 2011

The New Lakers (Kobe was not here)

Lake Danao, Camotes IslandThe billboard is the goal. The other side has to place their ball between a coconut tree and a pair of slippers.

My girlfriend told me that I can only score when I play against kids half my size. That is so not true. In fact, there were times when I wasn’t able to score against seven-year olds. I’m quite fine with that. I have fun playing football and it’s fun to kick the ball around instead of just kick people around. And the best thing about it, you can do both while playing football.

You don’t have to choose between playing samba-style football or leg-breaking defense all the time. You can just act like a kid or a stupid adult and have fun with it. That way, you don’t mind losing or winning cause if you mind it too much that you are letting your opponents decide on how you’d feel after the game.

Football Lake DanaoWe didn't care if we'd get muddy. We had the whole Lake Danao to clean us up.

I was in Camotes last weekend and we went to the famous Lake Danao. There were kids there who were playing football with a basketball. And because I am ever so showoff, I joined them. I played against kids who know nothing about football except that you should bring the ball to the other end. They don’t even have a goal. Bring it to the opponent’s end and you score.

Those kids did not have anyone to coach them but there was this guy who knew how to crunch it. He is the one wearing blue and red shorts. It would be a regret if such natural talent goes to waste. I hope they keep playing whatever it is that they call football and establish some Lakeside FC or Boardwalk FC or Coconut FC someday. All photos in this blog courtesy of Chyrel Gomez, I was play yah know.

Bal Marsius Lake Danao2011 Camotes World Cup winners (from left to right): Reina, Drogba, Beckenbauer, Maradona, Crouch, (nevermind), Makelele, Gattuso, Trezeguet


Chyrel Gomez said...

the kid wearing blue shorts sure knows how to play balls.

approximately lost said...

the girl who took the photos wanted to rent balls

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