Thursday, August 4, 2011

On a slow boat to Camotes

camotes island

We had to sit near where the “pipe” was because all the good seats were littered with Koreans. The locals also occupied the not-so-comfortable seats we sat on, I had the feeling that they did because they were intimidated by white-skinned people who talk like their nose have been cut off.

On the way home we rode a more comfortable Jomalia Ship. Big flat screen television with new seats. But there was this grouch who like mounted his feet on our back rest. This is so 2011 and everybody should be cultured by now.

Fair is 200 pesos for air-con, 180 for the non air-con. Jomalia Shipping line it is. If you are spending the time at Mangodlong Paradise Beach, a resort which the company owns, who you get a free ride on their coaster. Near Mangodlong you can find guys who would rent their bike for 300 pesos. Don’t get it from the habal drivers because they will rent their bike for 500.

Camotes is so near Danao but the boat trip takes two hours. You'll end up doing crazy stuffs like taking photos of yourself or retching just for the heck of it.

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