Friday, September 16, 2011

Route Stop: Cine Europa

Chips Ahoy DalagueteTime for some lounging around, because sometimes life needs one sweet bite.

I was with The Boss at Cofifi last Thursday and we read this newspaper article about the European film fest, Cine Europa. So I am making this short note about the movie schedules for the Cine Europa 2011. Reels will start rolling on September 30 at Ayala Cinema One.

AM Schedule
10:15 Die Kleinen Rauber | Little Robbers | Germany
11:45 Verlengd Weekend | Long Weekend | Belgium

PM Schedule
13:30 Pismo Do Amerika | Letters to American | Bulgaria
15:15 Bobule | Grapes | Czech Republic
17:05 Flugten | Escape | Denmark
19:50 Schimb Valutar | Exchange | Romania
21:45 Prinsessa | Princess | Finland

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Chyrel Gomez said...

This is so next week, are we watching? :)

Bal Marsius