Thursday, November 17, 2011

Danao Golf Course - Run with the Boss

Unless they are being chased by a rapist or a dog, people should not be running. I have never been really fond of the sport. Not that I demean it. I think runners are great. And of all the sports, running has the highest population density of hot chicks. In cycling, you cannot find one hot chick in every 500. If you do, she is married to a guy who has the torso of a body builder and the killer instinct of a navy seal. You don't really wanna get near that kind of chick. But if you join any “fun run” here in Cebu, chicks are flooding like a sudden downpour of hot girls has just hit the city. I could not generalize but that is what I saw when I joined the Run for Melinda. (Excuse me Melinda, I really meant to run for you. I admire you a lot.)

So where was I leading? Yeah, runners are great athletes and human beings. But I do not want to be one. That is the whole point. This is the toughest part of blogging: being coherent. A guy who is used to everything fast-paced thinks the same way as a liquid substance: we never follow a route. Give as anything to flow through and we are there. I could never stick to one topic. Do I have ADHD? Sadly, I am too old to get special attention for whatever it is that I have. So far, I am managing well. When I bike, I just keep my eyes on the road and my mind can wander anywhere else. I leave safety and accident avoidance to reflex.

As I was saying, running can get monotonous. Imagine doing the same thing for 2 hours at a time. Drives you crazy. Running is only fun when there are lots of people around. I had a great time though during my runs. At the Run for Melinda, my friends Mary Ann and James stole water from the water station of the other running event which fell on the same schedule. There are lots of fun times but let’s go back to the point.

Anyway, I have run at least four times. I notice there are veteran runners who still run 3K. Seriously, they are like Michael Schumacher riding a bump car. Grow old people. Do not milk running events. If you guys wanna make money, at least get some dignity out of it. Do not race with children, first-timers, and people trying to get into shape while having a fun time.

This blog post is about the Danao run we had 11.11.11. Let us go back. So it was fun. That is all I could say. Twice the boss beat me. One during a downhill run and the next on an uphill sprint. That made me more determined to practice harder. Well, I don’t run a lot. I just bike and hope that my air tank gets full so I would have enough for running. Does not work well, actually. Riding in order to run. Biking leaves little work for the lower leg hurts and the thighs get too swollen so running becomes more difficult. But I have no choice. I love mountain biking more than any other sport. And my parents know I have tried a lot.

Venue: Danao Golf Course, Danao City, Cebu
First part was shot at the new Danao City Park, just near the port for Camotes
Here are maps from my Picasa, if you are into those sort of things.


Chyrel Gomez said...

you forgot about the fat girl who's only ahead of you in the starting line.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of people spending their time during weekend...i am also one of them together with my mother who love hiking the road way to golf course. This place you can view a part of Danao City and this place is located at the upper top of Bibiana Mercado Elementary School.

Bal Marsius said...

hi Anonymous. i also bike here once in a while, since i live in the nearby town of liloan. thanks for your input. i forgot that it was bibian mercado school. your comment is very much appreciated :)

Bal Marsius