Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gaas Falls, Balamban

This has nothing to do with seeing a world in a grain of sand—you know, this whole thing of taking big delight in small stuff. Like you, I just don’t see a waterfall each day. Mountains are as familiar to me as the taste of a three-in-one coffee. But waterfalls, how many of them are here in Cebu? If there were at least a hundred, I would never make such a big fuss about them.

Yesterday I went to Gaas, Balamban to accompany my cousin in search of his relatives. He is from Bukidnon, like me, and he is here in Cebu for a chill. As a Filipino custom, you are supposed to seek out your relatives even if they live so far out in the mountains. We were walking to where his relatives are supposed to be when his uncle (we didn’t know yet that he is THE uncle) asked us if we were going to the falls. This whole story goes with us looking for an uncle and finding a waterfall. My cousin did get acquainted with his relatives while I had a fun time with the falls. Special thanks to the Boss for the Convergys backpack.

I usually don’t give directions and I’d prefer that you figure it out on your own if you want to go somewhere. But I’m feeling like Mr. Helpful today so here it goes. Go to Ayala Terminal, ride a Tuburan V-hire, and get off near the Barangay Hall of Gaas. Fare is 110 pesos. You also have the option of riding a habal from JY but I can give you a bunch of reaons why you should not. Once at Gaas Barangay Hall, ask where the “linaw” is. You will get there in twenty minutes.

Check out 33 more pics on my Facebook account. Blogger takes too much work.


Chyrel Gomez said...

an accidental yet fortunate discovery of something.

also, the photos turned out great, i am not so sure if it's the camera or the shooter.

Bal Marsius said...

if you are trying to comfort me about my lost nikon s570, it is not working. a love that was lost. i will never take good pictures again unless you give me your dslr. thank you.

Chyrel Gomez said...

oh, yeah. i almost forgot about the lost nikon s570 and i am not trying to comfort you, silly.

i would never give you that satisfaction.

Christina said...

I'm curious about how your cousin knew that he was the uncle. Did it go like, "Aw, ikay diay?" :P

Bal Marsius said...

the guy asked what we're there for. naturally, my cousin answered that he was there for his uncle _____ whom he haven't met since he was a kid. i'm a part of the story, eh ;)

Bal Marsius