Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mabini-Agsungot Time Warp

I feel like my eyes are burning wholes through my skull but that won’t stop me from doing this post. I have been out late and up early trying to squeeze everything into a tight schedule. Here is how life has been going on lately (assuming that my 3 readers per day care to know): Wake up at 5am, run or bike, take sister to school, breakfast, work (40% pointless browsing and skimming through miserable Facebook stats), How I Met Your Mother Marathons, and the daily routine I manage to squeeze in between. Acting sane, cleaning up room, and meeting The Boss are three things that are significant part of my week sked lately.

I brought up The Boss because I am really mad at her for what happened on 11.11.11. We went to Danao that day to do some running. At the start, she pretended that she was here usual self—slow. But on the downhill, she sprinted so I chased after her. Then I realized she is faster now than she was a month ago. She must be doing either two things: lots of training or drugs. Or both, which is a third and possible option. Then on the next uphill, I told her that she only beat me ‘cause she caught me off-guard. So I challenged her to a fair, start-line sprint. She beat me again. I won eventually after a number of tries but not before I’ve lost my pride. It hit: I really need to get back into shape. I know I sucked but the Danao golf course photos are awesome. Check them out.

I started training hard since yesterday. Today, I woke up at 4am so I can do more uphills on my bike. But then something out of plan happened. I will stop naming places because I bet that the .000000012% of blogging audience that visit my blog don’t have any idea where those places I mentioned are. So I will just use place-pronouns from now on. I was at doing a route that involved a loop of Places A (Liloan), B (Talamban), and C (Mabini). My starting point was Place A and I was supposed to go to Place C via Place B. After Place C I would complete a loop through a mountain route that would lead me back to Place A. This whole place-pronoun thing sucks so I’m going back to being normal.

On my way to Mabini I noticed the sound of water coming from a ravine below. I stopped and waited for a Manong who was heading my way. I asked if that river has always been there. Rivers, being rivers, will always be there. They suddenly vanish but they don’t suddenly appear. Unless you are living in one of the streets of Cebu City. Point is, that was a stupid question. Yes, the river has always been there but I go to Mabini on summer months when it is as dry as the inside of your laptop. Anyway, Manong went on to a long talk about places and Susan and her husband (I am not familiar but the last two). He finally brought up this thing about a short trail down the river which leads to a lower barangay. Agsungot, it’s called. I was not ready for a trail ride. My rear tire is bald but who cares. It was Sunday7am and I have all the time to meet an accident. The unexpected happen. I came out fine. Turns out the first part of the trail was quite intermediate. Only gets a bit tough at the last section where I did a tight curve on a steep slope three times.


Chyrel Gomez said...

Manong is omnipresent. Like, always. And thanks for admitting your defeat. I knew it was your tactic!! You challenged me with the never-ending uphill sprint.


Bal Marsius said...

Winning one round does not decide a boxing match. Loser!

Chyrel Gomez said...

I bet you're threatened that's why you keep me busy when I'm training.

Bal Marsius said...

I was being nice when you won.

Chyrel Gomez said...

I'm sensing ampalaya plus again.

Bal Marsius