Thursday, November 17, 2011

On the Tire Tracks of a Legend

Last Monday, I browsed through Google Earth. A noticed a number of pictures of some of the least biked parts in Cebu. They were taken by Ronnie Muring. Ronnie is a well-respected cyclist and adventurer. I first knew of him when he posted a comprehensive map of all the biking trails in Central Cebu and some of its southern and northern parts. Today, I went to the roller coaster route he travelled two years ago.

It was saddening to see that the place is not as beautiful as it was. It was quarried like hell. There is no fun way to say it. The uphills, although they are not that steep, have become unrideable. The stones are rocks were very loose and the ruts are so deep you could be buried in them. I did discover a new single track route. It was a good diversion.

If there is one good I found out about this trip, it's that Kenda TJ Dred Tread 1.8 is a reliable tire after all. There were a good number of sections where I could not see the ground because of the huge grass and shrubs and whatever those ground plants are called. Dred Tread gripped better than expected and has great braking power. Definitely not as awesome as my 2.35 Prowler and 2.60 Kinetics. Because it is good all-around, it is not awesome at anything.

Diversion starts here.


Rose Buenconsejo said...

i also love that place - makes me feel like i'm in great wall of china. :((( sad to see it's being raped badly :(((

Bal Marsius said...

hi rose..heart-breaking, indeed. never went back. thanks for dropping by :)

Bal Marsius