Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rear View Mirror

Just got home from a short bike ride, opened Facebook, and saw a friend posted this video. I haven't really won a lot of races when I was still competing. I haven't even won big ones. But the races I've joined mean more to me now that I am no longer racing. Probably because I know that I could never go back to the form that I used to have. I had the body of a guy who just came out of a concentration camp and legs that were built for someone bigger than me. I also had a hot tan back then (*winks at you).

I may join an enduro race this December that a friend proposed. But it will not be the same again. I've lost it. I'd like to get it back again but I just can't seem to find the time. I've got work, I've got a girl I want to spend more time with, and I'm addicted to "How I Met Your Mother." Feels like I have to cram my existence into a single day, everyday. But I don't mind. By the way, this guy I used to drink with at poetry readings, he's into cycling now and I enjoy sort-of-teaching him. I'd like to take some time congratulating myself for doing things that I have under-appreciated before. They are cooler to me now that I can no longer do them. Sorry past me for underestimating your achievement.

This photo is from the Kalunasan bike race. It rained before the rain, which is way dirt is flying all over.
There was no competition for first place in the Liloan race: the guy upfront was a half-lap ahead.

I was on second spot when this guy tried to drop me. He got the lead but only very shortly.
My first and only downhill race. I finished 3rd. This is a bike I borrowed before the competition, from my friend Kuroro. I raced on a hard tail.
I tried my luck at porn after racing.


Chyrel Gomez said...

As of this writing, the clock ticks to the rhythm of gasps.

Kikit said...

"I've got a girl I want to spend more time with"

natunaw ko ani da :D

Bal Marsius said...

Thanks Kikit. You really read my posts. Hihi. Di lang ko mo-comment kay ang usa kaw taw ani nga thread kay assuming ;)

Xan said...

I think, I know that guy

Bal Marsius said...
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Bal Marsius said...

I'm sure the photo shoot strikes some familiarity, too. Delivery guy got you your #tnet?

Xan said...

#Iremember the walls

Bal Marsius