Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Got Moves Like Jagger

Off to the half-real mountains.
IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not proud that I like the song. It's just too catchy.
Route: Liloan-Carmen-Danao-Liloan

On the way to Carmen, Cebu (at town 43kms north of the City), a song with the lyrics "I got moves like Jagger played on my [insert=borrowed] mp3 player. I got so restless because the song played on and on in my head (it was quite catchy) and I have no idea what it mean. It bothers me when I do not know what the song I'm listening to means. Fortunately, the Boss replied right away when I texted her and I was relieved in my distress. Mick Jagger, huh. At least I know it's a person and a singer (Well, you cannot be a singer if you are not a person in the first place. Unless you are a parrot muttering classical conditioning responses. I always divert just to contradict myself).

Anyway, the sea was so calm this morning I felt I could walk on the surface. A calm sea is always a good news: no headwind to drag me down. "wind drag" is a perfectly appropriate term. The wind can really drag you.

I like going to unfamiliar places on a Sunday, because that is the time when people are home so I could ask them for directions when I feel a little confuse. (That's my mild way of putting the fact that I lack any sense of direction and I need other people to compensate for it.)

I do not describe my routes any more. First of all, people do not read descriptions. If they do love to read, they would be in the library making use of the Dewey Decimal system. Second, nobody goes to these places other than cyclists. And the cyclists who go to these places already know the way so giving directions is pointless. Case closed.


Here's the thing with socialization: I think that it is actually a refined form of blending in. I'm talking about literal blending in, the chameleon way. Chameleons blend in as a survival instinct. We "blend in" (i.e., socialize) so we do not get seen and hence avoid getting picked on. Today, I went back to the primeval form of blending in, the literal one. Check this out:

That, my friends, is me blending in, chameleon style. The guise would have been perfect if the flames were green. They would look like grass. But as flames can typically be only red, blue, or yellow, the jersey does not perfectly blend to the environment. Hence, my guise is only semi-perfect. (It is a bogus term that I use to describe a move that is moronic but is not completely moronic. If it is, I would just say completely moronic to avoid the need to make up bogus terms.)

Pine trees are not endemic in Carmen. The seeds of these trees are from Mantalongon, Dalaguete. Pine trees make a good aid for disciplining children. They really hurt. A perfect way to add nasty injury to insult.

pine tree philippines

At this point, we are as high as the mountains that you see in picture one. I said "we" because I do not want to alienate "you." Whoever "you" are.

We are finally higher than any other mountain. Finally, some cellular signal. Later, I would get the text message about that song about Mick Jagger. I could finally rest in peace. My mind, I mean. Although the boss never explained what moves Jagger has.

Be the one to figure out what the rest of the photos mean. I am hungry and no one pays me to blog.

PS: The day of writing of this entry is a Sunday, so you can expect somebody singing "Lunes nang tayo'y unang magkita" while I'm typing.

More photos here.

Update: I did some research on Mick Jagger and I should say he really got the moves. I like him already. But I would not say that I got moves like him. I still cannot open my mouth like I got a detachable jaw.

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Chyrel Gomez said...

moves like a moron, you mean.

you were absolutely right, the place is a beauty. i'm completely sold and this is probably my favorite from all your rides, as of yet.

it's amazing what you can do with your bike and where it takes you. you really take your readers to places without bringing them there. :)

Bal Marsius