Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Fabulous Mr. Tan: How to Get to Aguinid Falls in Samboan

Aguinid Falls is a cascade-type waterfall located in Barangay Tangbo, Samboan. There are a total of four falls that make up Aguinid. They are located widely apart so it takes a few minutes’ walk to get from one to the next. The junction to Aguinid Falls is located just near the barangay center so you will not have a tough time finding it. Tangbo, by the way, is a 10-minute tricycle ride from the town center of Samboan. I forgot to note how far it is from Santander but I guarantee you will not have a tough time finding it since it is quite popular among locals. Many locals bath at Aguinid Falls because it is easily accessible, being only a five-minute walk from the provincial road. I will let these photos describe the falls for me. Please check Google Earth if you do not know where Samboan is. Google Earth/Map is a very powerful tool and I even use it to find single-track trails. Thank Google for it. 

This trip is totally unplanned on my part. I just logged on to Twitter one morning and James Tan (my high school classmate which I thought was my friend) and the Boss were tweeting about going to the south. The next morning, I was on a bus with two oppressive people (details about oppression omitted to for this post to suit general audience). I got too ahead with the bus ride there. It rained that morning and I was dripping and cold while waiting for my “friends” to show up on time. Luckily, the backpack that I borrowed from my five-year-old cousin had a rain cover. His father got it from the ukay-ukay. The brand is Genova and it was quite good. Amen to patience.

   The rotunda at the town center of Samboan.

    The Boss and the Fabulous Mr. Tan walking behind her.

   On to the first fall.

    The first mini-fall.


    The third fall.

    Chyrel Gomez and Mr. Tan minus the felt hat.

    The fabulous Mr. Tan in his contemplative mood.

   The fourth fall. It would be great to climb up and see what's out there.

    Back to the third fall.

   Going down the second waterfall.


There is another fall just a few minute's walk from the Aguinid Falls junction. It is called Gimbalayan Falls, located in Brgy. Bonbon. Bonbon is just right beside Tangbo. It's less than five minute's walk.

We tried going to the falls but we failed to find it. We walked up stream and just followed the tracks but at one point all the tracks vanished. We could not see beyond the river because it was covered with leaves and branches and twigs that cross over it. As we reached the highway, we found out from locals that the falls were just right behind it.


Chyrel Gomez said...

Last time I checked, my name's still Chyrel Gomez.

Bal Marsius said...

sorry about the Zee! Let me change

The Looney Planeteer + said...

you've got one cool way of looking at the world! awesome! safe travels~

Bal Marsius said...

thanks bro ;)

whotheheck said...

I am fabulous and I know it.

bonbonito said...

dude thanks for this blog. Gonna be checking this place out soon.

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@bon: thanks man! :D

Mustachio said...

Is it easy to get from one level to another?

Bal Marsius said...

hey man. absolutely easy

Charm dlr said...

hi! i need help with my cebu trip. we will be going to oslob for the whale sharks. anyone who knows island hopping in south cebu? ty

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