Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ghost Shift

So I was on my way home when I passed by a Manong who was riding his bicycle. He must have been more than 50. He was riding slow so I overtook him. I was on my granny and the third cog from the bottom so I was not really going fast. But that crazy old bitch must have been riled up by that so he overtook me and cut me off right away, shouting “lumba!” almost simultaneously. He was like really beside me when he took my line. I got angry at first but writing this I am only puzzled by the reaction. I don’t know how to begin this with but we were really going too slow to be in a race. Besides, he was too old and I’m not really the fastest cyclist around but......oh well...People can really be confusing sometimes. Anyway, this post is really about some trail I sort of discovered but I wanna talk about ghost shifting first.

Ghost shifting happens when your rear derailleur changes cogs without you touching the shifter. It’s not really that technical. Just Google “derailleur,” “cogs,” “shifter,” and you’re good to go. It’s not that serious really but if you happen to be pedaling hard and your bike ghost shifts, your ankle could end up bending in the opposite direction. It has only been two rides since I’ve conditioned my bike but the weather is quite nasty to I have check my drive train more regularly. Ghost shifting scares me from pedalling hard. One time my left knee whacked the handlebar when my bike ghost shifted while I was pedalling off the saddle. I really just have to work on my bike after dinner. I’m not Pacman, I don’t have to live with ghosts.

Two (completely unrelated) people have called me a fairy. Maybe I got some wings that only others could see. Anyway, I guess that’s the reason why I like to go into places that would sell well in the fairy real estate market. Here’s another one I found this afternoon. Location, location, location indeed. The trail head was off-camber so I had to walk a few paces until I got where it was rideable. There were other parts I could not ride but the rest was pretty rideable. Yes, it was pretty and it was rideable. Yay me! PS: There were dawgs though near the trail end. These are the kind of dawgs that don't respond to "what up" and they can bite pretty nastily.

Went down here. Nearing the trail end.


Anonymous said...

Asa ni day bal? :D

Bal Marsius said...

miga anonymous,

sa garing na, wa pa nako na trace sa google earth kay busy love life. sugod na libho lahos dapit garing barangay hall.

Anonymous said...

bitch...anhi nya ta ha...

Bal Marsius