Friday, January 6, 2012

Mountain Bike Trails

Even mudfishes would not have survived the mud in Sibugay last Saturday. It took me a while to blog about our trail ride because I needed 6 days to recover emotionally from all that mud. It was so thick that our wheels kept getting stuck. At one point, my front wheel locked while on a steep descent and it was time once again for a Superman. (A Superman is a pseudo-bikestunt that happens when you go over the handlebar. I call it such because you just fly over the front of your bike with one or both arms stretched.) Still, Sibugay is one of the best bike trails (for me the best, actually) in Cebu that I will keep going back there.

The toughest part of the Sibugay trail last Saturday were the last two river crossings before Bonbon. The rapids were very, as the name suggests, “rapid,” that twice my bike nearly got carried downstream. With my 50-kg weight, shoes and backpack included, I could have been one for the news as well. There were about five river crossings and the last one was so strong we decided to help each other cross our bikes one by one. There were only two of us. We had some difficulty connecting the trail because of the new chicken farm that now stands in what was one of our favorite stretches in the trail. Aside from the mud, which ate up all the knobs in our tire and making it one fat and heavy slick, we also struggled with the very deep ruts caused by days of raining. (It's one of the beauty of the Sibugay trails. They keep transforming, riding a constant to-and-fro motion between beautiful and ugly.)

We did not have a lot of choice that time. If we pedaled, our gears would not work properly because of the mud stuck between their teeth and the chains. We could not push well either because our mountain bike shoes do not really grip that well (naturally, because they are not trekking shoes.) We could not carry our bikes either because the mud seemed to make them twice as heavy. In fact, hoisting them over our shoulders was already impossible. Even our rotors did not escape the anger of mud.

Arriving at the trail end in Bonbon was such a great relief. It meant lunch, paved road, water, and shade—everything in the world we could have asked for that time. Sweet, sweet Bonbon. We are even happier that some generous locals gave us some fresh water to wash our filthy selves with.

The second trail is in Taptap. It is short, but very scenic and technical—worth the looong travel from Bonbon. It passes through a sitio called Kamandagan and ends in a tiny river that feeds from very tiny cascade falls. There’s a rock garden at the trail end and it is a place where you would not want to ride without looking at what’s in front of you. I swear, there is not a sweet spot you can land on.

We had our conclusion in Kan-irag. There is a mandatory stop at this place (it’s so beautiful you just NEED to stop). Being the final trail and the easiest, this is where we would stop for half or one hour to recall the torments of the day and the previous rides.

That was one ride of a lifetime (because we will not do it again, ever!). Never try Sibugay if it’s been raining for the past days. It’s a sure kill. The rest were great. Looking forward to riding again with KidPanuhot.

My gaybro, as if nothing happened. He just got up after falling.

It's real. It's not scripted. I wish it was.

Avoiding a fall.

My cable tie broke. The mud was enough to prop my bike on its own.

We did this so many.....times.

Bike on top of the rider. We all know what that means.

Admiring the view from below the track.

Saved by the banana.

We kept going because it's the only way to go.

Not even the rotors and spokes were spared.

Beautiful and treacherous.

No more knobs formula.

We sped when we could, fell when we had to.

At the river, we felt like Cinderella--late for the ball but no prince charming to save us.

Frustration turns to speed.

Only looks harmless in the photo.

Taptap, the second trail. The trail was dry and the smiles were big.

This is why we rock.

We were both emotionally damaged by all that dirt. At the third trail here, Kan-irag.

We were just glad that our wheels were rolling.

From Sibugay, photo by Itchy.


Anonymous said...

Nice read!!! Nice ride :D

Bal Marsius said...

thanks bro ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha...ive emotionally and hyginically recovered gaybro...

Bal Marsius said...

what about reigna? she was nardong putek there but in malaysia she is a diyosa

Anonymous said...

yup...shes recovered already but scars will remain with her...
not from nardong putek or our bromance but from the air trip...the tip of the fork was like grinded by a sanding machine oh shit...

o well...its those little stuff dat makes her unique

Anonymous said...

mga bro wer can i buy cheap yet durable na mountain bikes dri cebu..mga less than 8k

Bal Marsius said...

hi bro sorry for the super late reply. i forgot that gmail now routes blog comments to the social tab and not directly to my inbox. that's why i missed your comment. anyway, naa dapit sa maguikay, naa ra diri more or less,123.937172&num=1&t=m&z=16

Bal Marsius