Sunday, January 22, 2012


People who experience it most talk about it least. I have friends who always ride like they’ve just bought their bicycle and they barely post about it.

I’ve dropped a 1k bill today. I hope the guy who found it isn’t into drugs or I’d be part of the crime. Don’t ask where I’ve lost it. If I did I wouldn’t have lost it, right?

One of this week’s hot issues is the cutting of trees by SM Baguio for its expansion. The management recently denied it, saying they’d just “ball it out.” Thanks to Wikipedia and its non-blackout today, I found out it means they are just digging up the trees and move them somewhere else. Mallers and trees don’t mix, it seems. They did this same thing at Plaza Independencia here in Cebu. I don’t really care, I just need an excuse to post this photo.

Regardless of “cutting off” or “balling out” trees, it still means the same to environmental "advocates": them pips are messing around with nature and it is a bad, bad stuff to do. But in legal stuff, how you put things on paper matter a lot. Okay, “cutting off” and “balling out” are totally different. But let’s go into this related issue of semantics since I haven’t really applied what I’ve learned in college and I’d like to take this opportunity…Actually, laziness just struck me so I’ll just say our case in point would be the insurance dispute on the world trade center attack(s). Do the Google work for me.

The Boss and I had a 6-day trip to Luzon last year and despite being short, we’ve been to a lot of places and I can’t seem to finish posting the photos. If being trigger happy on a camera could kill, we’ve officially committed Holocaust.

If you want to see what beauty contests look like in the ‘60s, go to the Victory Liner Terminal in Baguio. It’s just along Session Road extension. They also have lots of photos of old school buses. They’re really cool. Reminds me a lot of my childhood in Bukidnon. I used to see a lot of Chevrolet trucks with their stout masculine noses haul sugar cane.

My first attempt at being a lolcat.
Strangling the Immortal.
Volkswagen at Tam-awan Village. Time hitched a ride on this one.
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coolwaterworks said...

I like that Volkswagen shot...

Bal Marsius said...

Thanks Mark. I like that Volksy, too :D

Shanky Baby said...

Hahahaha! Lol cat jud! ^_^

Bal Marsius