Monday, February 27, 2012

Go to Hill: Tolo-tolo, Consolacion, Cebu

*This post goes out to Jazz, who is very supportive of my rise to porn stardom 

"'Look upon my works ye mighty and despair.' Nothing beside remains " *see footnote

- no other groups of people understand human race much better than athletes. we nourish our primitive drive to outdo, eliminate, and overpower others in a way that destroys morale (of a certain sub-group called losers) yet builds relationship (real, genuine caring relationship between the sub-groups of winners, whiners, and losers). so what's the big idea? instead of turning to cheap means of destroying others like gossiping, bragging about your genius, or making a big deal of your being a groupie (nobody really sees you as an individual, you are a groupie), you can turn to more creative ways to nurture your primitive instincts. competition builds friendship while you try to break others. even athletes who hate each other so much will die at the absence of one.

 - the human body, even in terms of mechanics, is still more efficient than the bicycle. we self-repair and self-preserve. with constant and intense use, our body becomes more fit. with constant and intense use, the bicycle wears out. we age gracefully, the bicycle depreciates. our disadvantage from a mechanical viewpoint: our parts are only partly serviceable, partly replaceable. and we need more than just allen wrenches to do those!

 - i am not a hater. i just find it plain wrong to like losers. 

 - when i was in high school, me and my friend michael brought a 'project' called dancing mothballs to our science fair. i got the idea (the whole of it, actually) from a book called simple science experiments. we placed mothballs into water with baking soda and vinegar, which made the mothballs would go up and down. the mothballs would accumulate carbon dioxide bubbles and lift them to the surface, where the bubbles would pop and the mothballs would go down for them to float up again. our tiny experiment got no citation for the scientific principles it presented (which i would rather not discuss in this blog). instead, the presentations that won were mostly miniture barnyards with fancy lighting. unfortunately, i could not point to any scientific or architectural significance for those things. but then again, we are a country that produces pop singers, import murderously cliched korean TV series, and generate an overwhelming surplus of nurses who can't even insert an IV properly: we cannot expect much from our science teachers. 

 - just to be very clear, i do not present myself as a downhiller. i am more of a cross country rider, if i have to classify myself. i do XC routes, highways, trails, climbs, descents but not hardcore drops and jumps. i am fortunate enough to know some really great downhill riders so i know what i am not 

 - i have been riding kenda kinetics 2.35 for the past three months and they sure grip pretty well, like duct tape across your lips. but it's unreliable on pebbly/sandy surfaces. nonetheless, these tires are very special to me. the Boss bought these, i just gave her the money. it was dress up day at work when she bought the pair and she was like dressed up and on cigarette heels while dragging those DH tires with her. what a picture it must have been 

 -today i rode the tolotolo-sacsac route. it's a hilly route and i go there whenever i want to have an express XC ride. it's quite near but you feel different when you get to the place. that's why i like it

from the Boss. Rox asked me where the photo is. here it is, yo
Your skull protects your brain. Do not abuse its function, wear a helmet.
A very long switch back.
Kenda Kinetics. I kenda like them.
This is what hit-and-run looks like.
My chain jammed between the rings so I was forced to stop.
**The line is taken from the poem "Ozymandias" by Percy Bysshe Shelley. It's about our man Ozy (the guy is a tyrant/ruler of some sort) and he ordered a statue made for him with that line. A traveler passed by that monument, it was completely wrecked but the line still readable for everyone to see the paradox between his claimed greatness and the wreck that his kingdom was reduced to.


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog.
There is a cave in Tolo-Tolo. That is where the name comes from, water drips from the ceeling. Do you know where to find the cave?

Hervie Inoc said...

yes. I know where it is sir. I'm from Tolotolo. There are two cave.. but i don't know if the cave where our brgy. name came after is still exist. The last time i know. The place was develop for residential and their was a news all over the brgy. that the cave was vanish. To keep you more interesting their are to tunnel name after B1 and B2, far as i know that tunnel was built during 2nd world war 2, story was said. This was the hiding place of people during that time, and that tunnel reaches to the town. There lots of cave actually to be in our brgy. but no one dares to explore. The story I've shared to you was taken from my grandmother who was passed away and as i know she was able to witness the 2nd world war 2.

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