Sunday, March 18, 2012

Falls Alarm

I did a morning ride last weekend and as I went along my usual route, I noticed a new sign: 'this way to Katinong Falls.' I love falls (who doesn't) so I strayed from my path. There were steep descents and steep climbs so it was really an enjoyable ride. Scared myself 'til I giggled on some parts of the track. But all the hype died when I found out that the said falls is no more than a 3-foot drop with water trickling through it. And they call it falls. False, yes.

This is the falls referred to. I don't feel bad anyway because the route on the way is really fun.


Anonymous said...

Too smart!

Bal Marsius said...

Sister is that you? Na-hurt ko sa sign XD

Rose Buenconsejo said...

naay medyo taas2x ana sa ibabaw. subayon lang to ang sapa. =)

Bal Marsius said...

salamat. ako nyang subayon. wehehe

lakbay philippines said...

hahahaha... witty title. misleading gajud.

Bal Marsius