Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Skirt Guard

I’ve just discovered one of the most useful bike accessories ever: the skirt guard. It is what the name says it is, a guard to keep skirts from being tangled with the rear spokes. It’s a perfect accessory for bag pipers and ladies. I see it in many ladies’ bikes sold in surplus shops here in Cebu but I never knew what they were before I stumbled into this post by Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

A couple of days ago my girlfriend/boss asked me to check out some ladies’ bike for her sister. So I obliged to look around, being interested in ladies’ bike myself. I started out by searching at Pinterest and then went to looking for blogs about women’s bicycles. That’s how I landed at Cycle Chic and I am glad I did. I don’t really know where this blog post leads to. But I have three ends in mind: let everyone know the importance of the oft-neglected skirt guard, explain the anatomy of a ladies’ bike, and show some locations of surplus shops in Cebu where you can buy them.

The first objective being accomplished already, let us proceed with the second. “Ladies’ bike” may sound like a sexist term. In case you are an extremely passionate feminist, do not be angry. The term only denotes a bike designed for comfortable city commute for ladies. It is designed in a way that allows them to ride at any weather in any outfit.

The low top tube and skirt guard allows them to pedal even in long skirt.

The inward bent handlebars allows them to maneuver without having to lean forward.

The wide seats for comfort, so it feels like watching TV at home except that you have to keep your balance.

The big basket in front provides space to carry their make-up kit and lipsticks while the carrier to where they can tie their spare outfit for the day. I’m bluffing. It’s actually for more practical purposes which I need not explain.

Being for city commute, the tires are slick to make the bike more efficient. There are also no gears since gear-shifting is not really necessary for easy city commute. There are fenders to keep the splash away and chain guards so the gears don’t end up munching on skirt ends. It’s really a very efficient city commute and I really think guys should have it.

I found out just now that stands, chain guards, and skirt guards were actually standard features in a bicycle. It is only sports cycling company that got rid of them to make bikes lighter. As a former competitive rider, I know it makes good sense to get rid of those things not only because they add up in weight but they can also hinder riding. On the part of the stands, they may even pose a crash risk. But I definitely recommend those components for city commute.

On to our next topic, here are some of the places you can buy ladies' bicycle in Cebu. Lick on the locations to find them on Google map.

Limbros - this a bike shop that sells ladies' bicycle. Made in China bikes sold a 3k pesos, 2.5k for smaller ones. It is located near Mandaue City Hall. You have to contend with snobbish service but that's fine, at least nobody will bug you around while you are just taking a look.

Surplus shop at Wireless, Mandaue - they sell ladies' bike for smaller women. Some are from Japan, others from China. Being surplus bikes, you will have to do so minor upgrades or replacements. I saw a good one a 1.9k.

Old Patiller Road - This surplus shop is located at the intersection that leads to Cansaga bridge. They have surplus bikes piled up that reach up to the roof of their warehouse (scary, I didn't even get near that dump), but they also have displays outside. They have all sorts of used bicycles there: ladies' bike, kids', mountain, old roadies that are fixed-gear material.

ML Quezon Street - This shop sells folding bikes mostly. I haven't really taken a good look at it, just passed by a couple of times. You may not find ladies' bikes there but they sell foldies in good condition.


Anonymous said...

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ur just making this blog entry as an excuse of wearing a mini skirt during our BB rides...

hahahaha....mess u betch...

Bal Marsius said...

I missee you too my bottom bracket..what up with your slutty GPS?

Anonymous said...

oh not so much...still at the stage of learning and creating meaningful GayMapS to keep my faggoty self off from main hiways which could endager my gay life...


hi bal..i'm a lady but I'm not offended! haha. Such an informative post! :) I've seen those skirt guards before but I never really knew they are for skirts! And those vinatge looking bikes! Now I know why in the movies, ladies are the ones sporting those wheels! :)

Bal Marsius said...

yep! yerr right. unfortunately, two of the love stories i've seen end up with the lady getting killed on a bike. it should be the guy's turn next time. haha (city of anges & one day)

Bal Marsius