Thursday, April 19, 2012

NBI Clearance in Tuburan, Cebu

I tried getting my NBI clearance yesterday, 17 Apr 2012. I arrived at 6.30am but there were already 500 people ahead of me. It’s like the queue at the Basilica del Sto. Niño on the day of the Sinulog, except that it happens every day. And like the Sinulog itself, people everywhere are trying to make money. Some are selling pens and over-priced envelopes, others were selling water and candy, while there are those who offer meals. (Just a tip, you don’t need those brown envelopes they sell for the processing.)

But the worst of them are those people who rent chairs. Yeah, there is actually a corporation of smart pipz who arrange chairs in rows and columns and have them rented for 20 pesos. The worst part is not only does it make those people who don’t want to pay feel out of place (yeah they occupy the proper queuing area), they also tell people that those who rent the chairs will be prioritized. And even worse than the worst part is that I actually got one of those chairs (I know, I deserve to be tied on both wrists and be dragged on separate ways by a two cars and leave me to rot in the garbage dump). It gets badder than worse of worst: I didn’t even get to touch the rusty steel gate of the NBI Compound. They ran out of forms but I did not feel that bad because the NBI director was gracious enough to go outside himself and explain to everyone. 

There’s this lady who managed to get inside the compound and have her application processed. When she got there, she complained that there are people who would tell applicants that paying 20 pesos to sit on their chair will get them prioritized for the queue. What she said is true but when the NBI director and his buddy when outside to clarify the stuff, he was told by those pipz that the lady is lying. About 500 people in and more than 500a waiting outside, only one to complain about the whole chair rental thing. There’s actually another guy who confirmed what the lady said but the rental pipz crowded on him to intimidate him, though they did not say anything threatening. I didn’t complain either. I’m more cowardly than Holden Caulfield plus I never wonder why where all ducks and other animals go during certain seasons.

Off to NBI Tuburan. The next morning I set out for Tuburan. I don’t want to queue again for nothing and I won’t have any of those rental pipz anymore. I arrived in NBI Tuburan at 9.20am and got my clearance at 9.35am. Yes, AM still not PM. I included the time it took me to fill-out the application form. There are four steps involved in the application of the clearance. You'll need a valid ID (SSS, Pag-ibig, PhilHealth, Postal, Driver's License) and a black pen. If you can't have any of those a police clearance will make as a substitute, which you can get at your local PNP Station.

1. Get the application form and fill it out.

2. Return to the application form table, have the guy check if you completed the form properly, then pay the cashier.

3. Have your data encoded (this is the time where they check you if you are a criminal).

4. Give your finger prints for the biometrics and wait for them to give you your clearance.

I don’t know which part in the process you’ll need to rent a chair and buy an over-priced envelope. Hurrah for NBI Tuburan for being very quick and neat and for the staff for being friendly. I’m thankful for my parents that they gave me a difficult name. If my name got a hit, it could have only been me. Thankfully I’m not a criminal without knowing it. The money spent on the fare will be worth it if only to avoid the rental pipz and the fixers (yes there are still fixers in NBI Cebu City though they are more discreet and more selective on their target). I didn’t have to pay a fare though thanks to my humble bike who’s been a faithful company for more than three years now. Don’t wonder why I still cherish it even it has been scraped and scratched in every possible spot.

The coastal road the leads from Tuburan to Tabuelan.
The prized parcel on the handle bar. :)


kikit said...

daghan gyud unemployed na pinoy, bal. kung muadto ka sa davao bus terminal, ma-amaze ka kay naa silay folding bed for rent. nag-graveyard shift pud ang gabantay. :D

Bal Marsius said...

ingun pa ni les stroud sa survivor man "when it comes to survival, all creatures are fair game." mao wala pakialaman na. hihi

roanjean said...

My NBI Clearance experience at CEVRO was hell. Those 20-peso rental chairz were pretty smart jud. I endured a 7-hour processing (practically a day wasted) and witnessed red tape right before my eyes. I stress-ate right after. No, really.

Found my way here via Chyrel's blog! :D

Bal Marsius said...

thanks for being a smart-ass all over my blog. i prefer you leave your name. nobody visits this blog, it's a bad place to advertise. your link can stay for 10 more days

doi said...

wow! now i know dapat muadto nlng kog tuburan if i need to process my NBI clearance. lol. thanks for this informative post bal! :)

Bal Marsius said...

pero usahay mas paspas man sa cebu jud. pero i'll still prefer tuburan, if only to avoid the drudgery that i see in nbi cebu.

thanks for dropping by, doi. great blog you got there. i hope to get as far someday :)

Honey Bear said...

Nakakuha pud kog nbi clearance sa Tuburan naabot mig 9:30am and nakuha namu nbi clearance around 11am so quick jud and very comfy didto but ang prob is ang byahe. Haha pero ok napud

Bal Marsius