Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gloomy and Happy

I don’t want to do monthly posting. This isn’t a high-end glossy magazine. I want to update like at least once a week. But lately, I’ve been confined to my room. The only break I had recently was the Cebu-Argao bicycle ride I had and the beach outing I had at Alcoy with my workmates.

Whenever I go to the beach, I always have two worries: sunburn and drowning. I haven’t figured out yet which I worry more about, probably drowning because it can’t be prevented by sun block. But I forgot to include huge, sharp corals in my things-to-watch-out-for list. Here’s the scenario, if you do care.

We went to the Barangay Beach in Alcoy. And a little far off from the shore is a floating cottage, the way to which is a rigorous swim against the time or a breezy ride at the raft which you can be pulled back and forth (see photos if you lack imagination). It’s really fun to dive from the floating cottage. But before I dove, the cautious guy that I am, I made sure that it was deep enough. What I didn’t check out was if there were some corals jutting out in some places. I found a bit too late. I wouldn’t have stopped jumping off that floating cottage because it was so fun but my chest kept bleeding. Luckily it wasn’t my head. The pain is only skin-deep, but it stings.

It was rainy the following morning but the tide was so high it reached the highway. I’m kidding. But it was really so high that it’s like water world (without the fear of dehydration and not finding land). It was so beautiful. Imagine being in a world with nothing but water but it’s not entirely that because you can just walk back to your cottage and eat and drink and sleep. Paradise is just hell minus its consequences.

I’m chatting with my Facebook friends while making this entry so I’m kindah lost. I’m not paying attention. So, here’s just what I’d like you to know when you go there: on the other side of the cottage the sea suddenly becomes so deep. It’s somewhat like an underwater cliff down there. The water is good but don’t dare if you can’t swim because drowning is not poetic, fun, or heroic. You only have one death, choose wisely.


Chyrel Gomez said...

It is pretty much impossible to predict how long someone will live until they are very close to dying.

lakbay philippines said...

eeeee i don't want to die a slow, agonizing death of drowning. but i love jumping off to the sea. especially kung kantil hehehehe

Bal Marsius