Friday, August 17, 2012

St. Augustine Church, Paoay Ilocos Norte

It’s been almost a year since me and my Boss’ Luzon trip but I have never written about Paoay Church. Does writing about churches take as much time to build them? I used to be an altar boy, everybody has been at one point in their life. But it feels so distant now, just like one of those hazy memories of a lazy Sunday morning.

What I remember most about Paoay Church is its cleanliness. The big blocks of stone, which heard thousands of desperate prayers, and the confessionals which were silent ledgers of sins mortal and venial, come second to my recall.

The church of Paoay is in…guess which town? Paoay, Ilocos Norte. I’m not really sure whether churches are named after towns or if towns are named after churches. Surely it’s not as easy as figuring out whether sons are named after fathers or the other way around. I did not bother to find it out.

Paoay Church is a low-lying architecture, it’s as if it is genuflecting to its own architectural grandeur. But it is in fact built the way to withstand earthquakes and the earth-shaking sins of the faithful.

I’ve just confirmed that Paoay Church is actually named St. Augustine Church so I guess that answers my own question. I hope answering my own question is not as pathetic as talking to myself. Which I actually do whenever I blog. I blog to make it look like something but really, it’s just talking to oneself and letting others know about it.

The inside of Paoay Church is not as remarkable as its exterior but it’s still worth going to the place just to get an idea what heaven feels like after you die (in case you never make it). The grounds are just so clean. Also, there’s a tennis court right at the back of the church where high school students play. If I had a son and he cuts class to play tennis, I really would not mind.


Chyrel Gomez said...

OMG. I attend Catechism classes when I was very little. Yep, I was already an angel.

This really made me miss the Luzon trip. (sobs)


Chyrel Gomez said...

attended diay kay past tense.

S. Gamboa said...

The Spanish heritage is really preserve in this church. I hope to visit the place. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Bal Marsius