Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Taptap - Kan-irag with Egay and Chy

Mind your left

So this guy on a white triathlon bike passed the three of us by and I thought he has been saying good morning to my friends. I later realized that he's been saying "Mind your left." Mind your mouth, it's the only thing I can tell you old guy. Maybe you'd have some traumatic experience with a cyclist swerving your way or probably you're afraid of the least possibility that someone will scratch your TT bike. Oldie, we're making our slow, merry way uphill on all-mountain bikes that are full-suspension, have 2.35" tires (that's the mountain bike tires' equivalent of human obesity), and forks that are at least 120mm (definitely not for climbing). We were naturally slower but we would in no way get in anybody's way, because we share the road.

And dear old dude, why did we find you resting and you haven't even reached Willy's yet? And you said Chateau de Busay is the steepest portion of the trip? You clearly did not have any idea where we were headed. Cheers, genius.

Riding with Egay and Chy

My superclose friend (like atomic-distance kind of close friend) Egay came home (partly) to get married (mostly, so he can ride his bike). I'll have to place a disclaimer that I'm just joking because his wife, which has also become a good friend of mine, may ban him for life on the mountain bike. But anyway, he'll be living a happy life in Bangkok soon with Kate and so he got a whole-day visa to ride his bike. (PS: I was the wedding's bestman and I delivered a bro-some speech. Best wishes, hoe.)

I invited Chyrel Gomez, who is a common friend, mainly because I have not accompanied a trail newbie for so long already. Rain plus trail plus newbie is always fun. She fell off a few times on her bike, to say the least. I have to admit that there were quite a few times when our ride almost ended up as a hospital drama. But I did enough prep talk to make her wanna do it again. She said she'll be back with a vengeance, to whom, I do not know.


Anonymous said...

Nindot.Kakaya na diay si Chay bike ana ka layo?

Anonymous said...

paghinay oi....basig mamatay ka...

maau gni wlay nishagit nato ani betch...

i miss riding in cebu nah....char...hahaha

Anonymous said...

Kuyawa gud ni Chyrel Gomez

Bal Marsius