Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Musuan Peak

I didn't know until now (until I went online) that Musuan Peak is an active volcano. If I did, I wouldn't have gone there. I know the possibility of it erupting is very remote, but any possibility no matter how remote is still a possibility.

I went to Musuan Peak to visit my uncle Dante who works in one of the communication towers there. Actually, it was to get his mountain bike. I didn't bring my bicycle here in Bukidnon and my earthly survival is hugely dependent on having a bicycle.

My uncle picked me up at this place along the highway called Philippine Carabao Center at CMU. It's somewhere around this place, just paste this at GoogleMaps so life will be easier 7.876943,125.069518. There isn't a single carabao inside the Carabao Center which defeats the purpose, but they sell lots of really fresh milk so I guess that makes up for it.

The trail to Musuan Peak is really mossy and I don't know how my cunle manages to go up and down that place on a motorbike with road tires. He's real good at it, I guess.

There are two trails that lead up to the summit. One is the fire road, or the main road if you may. There are huge ruts that crisscross the road, which makes the road a great place for recreation and accidents. This is the road that most students from Central Mindanao University take whenever they go up for recreation or research. Or recreational research. Tree branches canopy most of the road so mosses grow all over it (no, not the biblical mosses). Mossses and mountain bike tires are like magnets with the same charge, so if you are going down that trail might as well bring your insurance card with you. Or just be careful, I think being careful is a better idea.

The other trail is the footpath. You have to cross the fire road every now and then but as long as you follow the line, you'll reach the top. There are no houses in the area for the only trail that leads to somewhere is the one that leads to the top. There's a ten-peso fee at the gate, proceeds go to Central Mindanao University. At an elevation of only 2000 feet ASL, Musuan Peak is perfect for recreational hiking. You don't have to brutalize yourself to enjoy great view. I didn't take a photo of Musuan Peak because you can find a lot of them on the Internet.

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