Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bohol Is that You??

After this post I am going to write about Bukidnon, because I am in Bukidnon as of this writing. It's gonna be scary and I might end up not writing about it at all. It’s always scary to write about something so dear to you. My creative writing teacher agrees with me. I know he said something along that line, I don't know how exactly he said it. Writers have a way of saying things so well that only them could say it.

 I guess I’m afraid to write about the place where I spent my childhood. I don’t wanna turn wrong recollections into narratives and end up regarding them as real. But so much for the Bukidnon talk. I’m gonna write about my recent trip to Bohol, which is only my second by the way.

The fast craft trip from Pier 1 to Tubigon is only an hour and 280 pesos away. Or if you have a lot of stuff to bring you can take the 10pm Lite Shipping slow boat. But slow boats to China or anywhere only applies to lovers (with all due respect Mr. Simic) so it’s better to take the fast craft. They depart every hour. Supercat is your cozier option, plus it docks at Tagbilaran which is a lot nearer to Panglao.

The bus ride from Tubigon to Dao Terminal near Island City Mall is more than an hour, with the wait time at the terminal taking longer than the actual trip. The bus left Tubigon when I was about to die of dehydration. Yes, it’s one of those “mini-buses” where the only ventilation you have is some rust-edged window that is just enough to prevent asphyxia. And they crammed us inside the bus like we don’t need space. I know I lack some imagination because I thought it couldn’t get worse.

But when I took the bus from Carlos P. Garcia museum to Panglao, I got a sampling of how a bus can double-capacity-double-profit at the expense of my sweat glands. And us the good passengers. But then again, it was the only option I had and I stood during the whole trip.

I stayed at Chill Out and I would really recommend the place because you get a huge veranda and a bathroom with wooden floor for P1,200. Regular room rate is P1,500 but walk-ins get a discount. But they only have about six rooms so walking in is not the best idea. Their staff are some of the most beautiful people in the world and I really appreciate how helpful and friendly they are. I don’t get paid for this (I wish I did) but those people deserve some kudos. Here’s there website

I did go to Alona, that’s a given. But the place that captivated me most is this quiet little place away from the awareness of most people. I just love that little rocky beach because the water looks so clean. It’s a public beach and there’s a free cottage you can just use, nobody will mind because nobody is there.

It’s best to go there in a huge group because it has the feel of a murder scene if you’re alone. You know the drill, just copy and paste to Google Maps 9.617813,123.773024. I wasn’t able to the place justice because my camera went out before I got to take some pictures. So unfair of it to always tell me that it’s full then it would go on the whole batter exhausted thing. I know I’ll be back. Here are a few snaps.

Calape Church Bohol The Church of Calape, Bohol. I was inside the bus trying to stay alive when I took this.

A house in Panglaon I passed by this house going to Chill Out. There are quite a few of them there. I'm not sure if this is really the house, maybe this is just the attic and there's a really huge house underground.

Tangnan Panglao The cliffy, rocky, murder-y beach in Tangnan, Panglao.

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