Monday, May 6, 2013

Lambug Beach, Badian, Cebu -- The Day We Ruined Volleyball

lambug badian cebu

I heard a lot of good things about Lambug Beach in Badian. So many of them, in fact, that my expectations were utterly underwhelmed by reality when I went there with my teammates. Instead of the never-grow-old pristine beach hidden away from the maddening crowd by hills, I saw one where Bingo, Chippy, and Creamsilk rise and fall with the Tide. Or maybe we just went there at the wrong time. I see photos online of Lambug dated just months ago and it was not that bad. It was great in fact.

The beach is not the best place to advertise products so someone should do some cleaning up soon. It’s rather inhumane to mess up something that can’t clean up on its own. (I was gonna say “bullyish” or “bullish” but I don’t know what’s the right form so I settled for “inhumane.” Morphology help, anyone??) I love being in the water but I spent most of my time out of it when we went there. We spent a huge proportion of our supposedly productive energy and time with a game called let’s-pretend-it’s-volleyball (longest rally: two). And some Frisbee, of course.

We couldn’t remember some of the rules so we had to make up some of them, which may or may not be in line with the actual rules. We looked stupid most of the time but we had fun. The morning after, a friend and I did a little clean up. Not because we care so much about nature. We were just up earlier than the rest and we had nothing better to do. Lambug, we’re not giving up on you so get well soon!

 badian beach
badian cebu beach

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