Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Craggamuffin: Cantabaco, Toledo Crag!

On to our third try at Cantabaco and it could not have gone any better. (Actually it could have if I was way stronger and a lot more flexible.) If you don’t know yet where Cantabaco, Toledo is check out the post right before this one. It’s 100% helpful, with just a very few whining squeezed in.

We did two new routes this time, the Pumping Station and Itchy. Of course there was our most beloved Vina Kulafu.

Flor still was unable to do the first part of Vina so we thought we’d help her get through it so she can do the rest. She’s gotten remarkably stronger and the veins on her forearm were starting to pop out. Interesting. It just sucks though that she could do the first part. But she rappelled down happily and I wonder where she gets all that positive energy.

If I couldn’t do the same thing on the third try I’d be suicidal—or homicidal, if I want to direct my frustration to other people. If we want to increase our survivability as a specie, we need more of that sunshine spirit. Anyway, I’m sending out kudos to you Flor for not being half as bad as before.

I don’t really want talk much about the grades because I’m pretty much a newbie to the sport and I don’t wanna sound like I’m trying to be an expert. That’s bosses do and the last person I want is someone who wants to pretend that he’s more than what he really is. (I also don’t like guys that have machetes with an intent to kill me but they’re not a whole lot of them around so I feel okay about them.)

Anyway, I couldn’t have done Itchy without a few takes and one cheat—I held on to the rope that loops around one of the bolts. I mean there were holds but they were not as comfortable as that soft little rope. It defeats the purpose, I admit. I don’t know why I keep doing something when I just destroy the purpose of doing it.
If you wanna know more about the routes you can check out this blog called adrenaline romance. He’s got a whole bunch of those. I’m just here to show off.

Photos by Flor. Thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

Were you in Cantabaco last July 13? :)

Bal Marsius said...

hi friend! i can't remember. pero i think will be there on the 16th of this month. are you from there?

Bal Marsius