Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Feeling Gorgeous -- Manyapyap Gorge, Paril, Cebu City

I tried to do the Manyapyap Gorge almost two years ago through the route of the legendary Ronnie Muring. The way I read it, it passes through a lot of river crossings in Mulao, Compostela, heading upstream by that same river that runs through the gorge. If you’re a newbie and you do the route of some really awesome dude, there’s bound to be a problem.

The guy has mountaineering, mountain biking, and probably extreme survival skills. What did I have that time? A bicycle, decent riding skills, and some misplaced sense of self-confidence. I don’t have to say it but yes, I was not able to find the gorge.

Two years later, I have become two years older. And I have been more tempered, more cautious, and a whole lot lazier. Thankfully there’s Edward Cardew, his all-knowing GPS, and his impeccable sense of direction. We did not do the Mulao/Cotcot River route though because the river was too strong and because we’re not sure if we can find the route from that end.

Instead, we went around Mulao, Compostela through a gruesome climb to the Tagubi-Paril junction, and finally on to Paril. The entrance to the gorge is just right beside Paril Elementary School. Just head down the riverbanks and the downstream will take you there. Just one river crossing and you are all set.

Ted knows the easiest way through but we wanted to check out some bike trails too. We did find a really good downhill track but the problem is, we headed the opposite way. It would have been much better to do it from the Cebu City end and just weave your way through until you get to that Upper Mulao downhill track.

Also, never ever go to Paril without eating in Mabini first. Valley barangays don’t always have carenderias open. That’s simply because people there know how to cook for themselves not like us!

I’d like to name that track Shake that Booody because it’s pretty mossy, slimy, and rutty. You don’t need a sign to tell you that it’s an accident prone area. If you’re really keen about doing that trail or finding Manyapyap Gorge, just leave a comment and I’ll fetch a GPS trace from one of my friends. From Ted, most likely.

I very much appreciate Ton-ton Kintanar’s company. He’s one of Cebu’s pioneer rock climbers but now he’s a crazy rider. And much stronger too than the last time I’ve checked. The photos are from his camera which claims to be shock proof for 6.6ft and waterproof for 40ft. Of course when I suggested testing it’s durability on the gorge, Edward decided against it because it’s way more than 6.6ft for the drop and we might not be able to find the camera because the stream was pretty much in a foul mood that time.

Anyway, I once remember watching this TV documentary about guys who collect toys. One of the collectors said that he loves toy cars because it protects him from the world outside. That is, (this is so according to him) it keeps him locked up inside his house and he’s safer that way.

Just to tell you guys, a whole bunch of people die each day so don’t make a big deal out of your own death. People go through it all the time. Just live happily and you’ll live a lot longer.

We’re not being totally reckless. We measure our risk and take the necessary precautions. I’m a damn coward myself. When I go to Toledo to climb rocks, I don’t even look down one bit. Because it scares me a whole lot.

Whatever we do, we always keep it safe. Getting ourselves into accidents will only create a bad image for our sport. So let’s all try to enjoy and be safe. I am just an amateur and I never forget that even pros fail.


Anonymous said...

misplaced sense of confidence...

now thats just what makes us BFF's

rock on betch...literally

Bal Marsius said...

that's right fag. let's do this in thailand. come home soon!

lenita said...

very nice place

Jessel Villarta said...

Yes its super duper nice

Bal Marsius