Sunday, September 1, 2013

Can’t Help Falling: Kitara and Cambais Falls

Just a quick recap of how the week has been: swamped. I started training with my new company, I made some preparations for the Enduro Pilipinas, raced it last Sunday, and went to Alcantara, Cebu yesterday to attend their fiesta. I wish I don’t have to work so I can do all the things on my new list but I have to. Those things cost money, that’s one thing.

Also, I love being self-sufficient. I feel so whole when I earn for myself and not have to rely on others. Self-sufficiency is a mountain biker’s thing. I go out alone almost all the time so I always make sure that I got all that I need before setting out: tools, food, hydration, and money.

It is a solitary sport and often “solitary” means having no one to help you but yourself.

Anyway, this post is still part of my Alegria series. Few weeks ago I stayed at Sun Xi Mountain Resort for a couple of nights to get more acquainted with the town’s mountains. I picked the place as my lodging because on the map, Sun Xi’s location is the most accessible to most interesting spots in the mountains of Alegria—Mount Lanaya is on its near southwest, Kitara and Cambais falls to its northeast, and the Alegria-Alcoy road that passes by it.

Kitara is deep within a mountainous barangay of Alegria, and it flows right down to Matutinao in Badian. They share the same river that runs through Kawasan Falls. Cambais is just a little ways downstream from Kitara.

From the main cascade of Kitara is a small stream that accumulates into an oval pool. From the bank the whole place resembles the shape of a guitar, hence the name Kitara. There is a concrete bridge that passes over the pool (about 10feet above the water surface) where you can jump from if you’re feeling Indiana Jones-y.

The fall is just 20mins from Sun Xi. My guide told me there were caves en route but I did not drop by. It would be interesting to check out what those cave got. The problem with me is that I bring a flashlight when I travel but I always leave it in my room when I go out for a day trek. After all, who would think of bringing a flashlight when the sun is high up in the sky? Answer: Someone smarter than me.
I sometimes suspect myself of being a moron but I guess I’m not too bad. Anyway, after Kitara we went down to Cambais Waterfalls. Some locals also call it Kawasan but I prefer to call it that way to prevent mix-up with the Kawasan Falls in Badian. Cambais has three main cascades. The best part about it—we were the only people when we went there. It feels good to play first-humans-in-the-planet.


Lisa said...

Hi there! I was in Alegria last Monday, and went as far as Sun Xi (had lunch there). Since it was a holiday, the munisipyo was closed so I had to rely on my habal habal driver to take me around. Is it difficult to go to Kitara and Cambais Falls? How far is it from the main road?

Bal Marsius said...

wow that's great. where did you find out about alegria anyway? do you usually travel? anyway, the falls is about half an hour's walk from the road. here:

the part where you see a circle is where sun xi is. the small blue winding line is the river that runs through kitara and cambais. it ends at the coastline of matutinao, badian, where kawasan is. cheers : )

Bal Marsius