Wednesday, December 25, 2013

We Have Cool Trails in Liloan ( + a few tips about using a GoPro)

Chyrel, whom I thought was my friend, told me that I lack angst. She said that I look cool so I have to live up to it.

Sorry I cannot have angst. I already left everything on the climbing wall and the trail. I even left some of them underwater (yes, I dive occasionally because I’m legend…wait for it…wait for it again…and wait for it until I die because a person can only be legendary when he’s dead and he’s been dead long enough for his existence to be debatable).

I am a pacifist. And I know most girls don’t like pacifists. But I can’t help it. I’m already awesome and I want world peace. I can’t have it all. Angst is for tall, talented, good looking guys who have talent and actually doing something to help other people.

Angst is not for guys who are only making people believe that they are doing something.

Anyway, I was gonna write about the four new things I tried this year. But year-end lists are so mainstream so I will postpone writing mine until June of next year. That is so lame I should try it.

But in case I forget, I have to make a short list ahead of time:

1. Rock climbing – first ascent 30 June 3012

2. Enduro race – first race, 5th place 29 Aug 2013

3. Scuba diving – certified for open water course 29 Oct 2013

4. Free diving – max depth 20ft 22 Dec 2013

In reference to trying many things, I once tweeted something like: “why do i hate people who don't try hard enough? and why do i hate people who try too hard? omg i'm a hater! XD”

I wouldn’t have tried too hard and try a lot of things if I could live four or five times. But I only get to live once and that’s not a whole lot of time. I only got one shot at life so I might as well make the most out of it. 

So I said we have cool trails in Liloan because we do. I made a short video of our trails, I borrowed the GoPro Hero 3 from Cebu's premier running website, They love me even if I barely run because they love "active" people (I pretend to be active).

I also found a way to get the right angle for my bike:
  • Clipped the camera upside down 
  • Inverted the capture settings (so the video will not look inverted when you shoot it) 
  • Adjusted the angle so the camera will stay at a right angle even when going down steep hills 

To change the capture settings just go to settings --> capture settings --> “up”

“Up” is the menu where you can change which side is up. That sounded retarded but it is just with the way I explain it.

You will know you have changed the orientation because the analog display goes upside down.


I had a great draft for my blog entry but I lost it. It’s because I only kept it in my head and it started writing itself when not a single pen or keyboard or cell phone was remotely available. I am always creative at the wrong moment.

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