Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Freediving: It's free because you don't have to pay for wetsuits, a dive boat, and tanks

Sometimes I pay more attention to what I should NOT be doing than I pay attention to what I should be doing. It's because often doing the things that I should not be doing has worse consequences. For example: NOT ascending too fast when scuba diving is more important than, uhm, staying as still as possible underwater. Anyway, I'm sure my example sucks but you are awesome so you understand what I mean.

I have been trying to freedive lately. The descent does not really scare me. What scares me is the ascent. I am afraid that I had too much fun being underwater that I will no longer have enough air to get out of there.

It would have been a lot easier if I could attach a submersible pressure gauge directly to my lungs. That way I would know how much air I would still have. But freediving is about "feeling." It requires me to be more sensitive to my body. To balance between giving up to pain too soon and going up too late.


Anonymous said...

Wa guyd ka diha tugnawa?Tugnaw man gani kaayo sa kawas.

Bal Marsius said...

tugnaw oi! ikaw kaha. ahahaha

Bal Marsius