Saturday, February 8, 2014

Don't Make Decisions when You're Narc'ed

I love “island jamz” because they remind me of the beach. I guess that’s the whole point of creating island music. Anyway, I started this entry because I want to share some life lessons. But I have none to share. Life works different for everyone, so no one needs lessons.

As long as you don’t harm the fishes, the environment, yourself, and other people, you are doing fine. It is a rather broad advice (all life advice are meant to be very broad so they would sound right). But you can’t expect much from me.

Sorry I touched some corals, can’t help it! Here is an informative article from Dive.In that explains why divers should not touch corals. I promise not to do it again.

About the title...I never got narc'ed. I do not dive deep enough to get nitrogen narcosis. I just think it is a very true thing to say!

* *

These are my 2nd and 3rd dive with Friends Scuba School in Punta Engano, Mactan. I love the shop because the people are very nice and there is a wall just near the shore. I will be diving there again tomorrow with some friends who are taking PADI discover lessons. I will ask what the site is called.

While I was looking for the answer myself (which I could not find), I came across this comprehensive list of dive spots in Mactan.

I ran out of air because I move too much (not literally, the DMs were constantly looking after me). I'm such an amateur. Thanks to Jun for being a buddy. He's had more than a thousand dives. He has been a dive master for about 8 years now and has spent 6 years in Dumaguete where DMs are really busy. Thanks Cadz for the photos!

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