Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hello Cantabaco My Old Friend

I have not been to Cantabaco, Toledo for quite some time now but there has not been a day I have not thought of it. I miss the smell of chalk blending with the sweet scent of lime and the acrid odor of my own sweat. I miss fearing for my life even if I know that a those ropes and carabiners can hold the weight of a sedan.

I miss being with Gretch, Flor, Willard, Sir James, and Ennie. We haven't been friends for a year yet and we rarely see each other. But when we're together, we talk like we have known each other all our lives. I just have been too caught up trying to make a living. I wish I could just get paid to climb every day.

There is a certain physical pain that only climbers can understand. It centers on the forearms but it is felt through out the entire body. And the cardio it takes to scale a 5.11 climb is underrated. Nobody told me that climbing is a lung-busting sport. There is also that thrill of looking so hardcore when doing a placement. I do it a lot because it makes me feel that I was the first person to climb that wall.

I will be back soon so please join me already!

I posted a copy of my feature at SunStar Weekend because I do not have my own copy of it on print. Thanks to Noel for send this to Chy and to Chy for forwarding this to me.

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Adrenaline Romance said...

Very nice article about the rock climbing scene in Cantabaco. Hope to see you there sometime, Sir.

Bal Marsius