Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Got it from NatGeo

Dive Mactan, Cebu from Marsius on Vimeo.

Diving in Punta Engano, Mactan tells a story that is both beautiful and lamentable. In the past, the area has been over-fished and the reefs have been over-harvested. It is true that life will always find a way, but it takes thousands of years to do so. We would be depriving generations of the beauty we have exchanged for greed.

Maybe someday we will learn how to fish like kingfishers. They go in quietly, not making any splash, and taking only what they need to live. Nothing more (not that I actually saw one, it's NatGeo stuff).


Kikit said...

Unsa ni kalalum?

Bal Marsius said...

15m to 20m raman guro na Kit : )

Bal Marsius