Friday, February 21, 2014

I Only Do Selfie when I'm Underwater

Friday night, it's past my usual sleeping time but I can't sleep. I wanted to get drunk and feel good for the night but that will make me feel horrible the entire day after. I already did that last Tuesday. Once is not a crime. Twice is punishable by death.


I got my PADI diving license today. It has been sitting in Liloan's post office for two months now. If I didn't drag myself there on my cousin's 24" mini-mountain bike, I would have had no idea I've had my licence for so long now. The postman does not seem to care whether people get their mail or not. I feel like singing a Karen Carpenter song right now but that won't make him deliver mails more promptly I guess.


Falling off a bike is tragic. But nothing can ever prepare me for my own tragedy of being unable to swim. I have been trying to do swimming lessons. I can do everything perfectly when I'm underwater (like, not on the surface of the pool). But when I execute those kicks on the surface, my knees would bend all over. I can't do things right on the surface. I could be a mermaid.

PS: I know how to swim like swim swim. But I can't swim the way those water-ripping, body-propelling strokes that triathletes do.


I am hoping to go to Panglao next weekend to do my advanced open water course. I cannot afford all the diving I do by myself so I am thankful to the good people who support me. I will repay them by growing gills so I won't have to rent a tank ever again.

At first, I hated diving and the only thing that kept me going through my open water course was self-conceit. When I panicked during the emergency ascent drill, my dive master gave me one very simple advice: man up.

I have manned up (man upped?? grammar help!) since then and now I love diving so much I plan to move underwater. I just don't know how aquatic real estate works though. One more thing, I only do selfie when I'm underwater.


Adrenaline Romance said...

Nice one, Bal! We should dive sometime.

Have you tried diving in Apo Island? The reefs are truly spectacular!

Bal Marsius said...

I was there a few months ago. I took a day's break during my rescue diver course because there was a boat headed to the Island and I hopped in. Which dive points did you go to?

Bal Marsius