Monday, February 24, 2014

Social Inertia

I learned a cool term today: thermal inertia. It is water's ability to resist temperature changes, which explains why the sea can still be "warm" even after sunset. But thermal inertia is much more than that. The ocean is so big and has just the right amount of it that it acts as some sort of a temperature regulator for earth. That is why we don't have drastic temp changes all the time, which is beneficial to all organisms including us mean humans. That is why we should take better care of our oceans.

I have been obsessing with trails and the beach lately that I wish I had both just minutes apart. It's such a beautiful world, we all should look out the window once in a while.

I also made up a new term: social inertia. It's my ability to resist friendship, which can be determined by many factors. Among others: how much alcohol I've already had, how much alcohol I've had the night before, the person's hygiene, whether my internet is never ends.

Some of my friends say I'm funny but I'm not. I'm just angry. I'm so angry it's ridiculous. It's so ridiculous that it's funny (but most of the time it's the ugly kind). It's like throwing a ball so fast and so accurate that it goes around the world and hits me at the back of my head (the hypothetical ball does not hit anything while it's in transit because it's only a hypothetical ball).

I wanna race enduro in Biliran, Leyte this March but getting there is so darn hard. It's so hard I don't wanna go there anymore. But I'm sure they have the best trails ever. But somehow, my drives for going are outnumbered by the "buts." The world is so big it's tough to go to some places.

This ride's route: Guba-Manggabon-Tagbao-Adlaon-Talamban

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