Thursday, July 10, 2014

This is NOT a Real Blog Entry

Lately I've been confined to mediocrity. That's the general state of my being but lately I've reached a new low. I couldn't blog, I only get 4 hours of sleep because of 30 Rock marathons, and I can't say anything that makes sense. I tried to buy insurance but cancelled because I heard our company is downsizing. But that's not even the mediocre part. The part that sucks is I can't have a real life conversation anymore.

I spend too much time in front of the computer that I find it difficult to carry regular conversation with other people. And my multiple-tab, multiple-window mentality has drained me of the remaining attention span I have. I can't even stay still. But at least I can roll over and play dead--it's an acquired skill that I am unlikely to lose regardless of any neural shock I might come across. The reason I want to have insurance is not because I do "risky" stuff. Nope, the things I do are far less risky than crossing the street. Yes, I want insurance because crossing the street, inhaling air with other people around me, and working at the 3rd floor are far more dangerous than any of the "risky" stuff I do.

Bike Commuting

Lately, I've given up riding my 200cc bike entirely (I rev it up every few days just to keep it work). I cycle to work now. The perk of being able to go to far places without having to spend anything is just too good to decline. I bike even when it rains. My mother bought my a transparent raincoat that makes me look luminous under the meteoric shell showers of storm-conceived clouds. Cheers to my good friend from Liloan who let me have his road bike for a loan. Speaking of Liloan, Chyrel was in a very terrible accident a month ago (yes, I know "very" is a lazy word but my vocab has been on hybernation for the past several years).

I wasn't there because she went riding with the Liloan boys. I am so thankful for them for looking after her. They all took her to the hospital as if she was a celeb on a red carpet entourage (except that this one leads to the emergency room and not to a gala). Then they all took turns dragging her bicycle more than 20km back to Liloan because she couldn't bike anymore. She's not too good at using the wheel chair so I had to push her when she did her X-rays and stuff. She's okay now and quite happy in fact. Thanks to the accident, she got a free Rudy Project helmet courtesy of Jens Funk and the Bugoy Bikers.

 Last Week at the Gym

 Since last week, I've been doing training at the gym. I will not share the details mainly because it hurts so bad, I can't seem to understand what I'm doing. I only tell what my trainer tells and I do it on autopilot. I've never been through so much physical pain that I can't seem to understand what I'm doing. The past week has been spent with Meuller tape around my fingers because they are all peeled cleaned and nasty.

Going back to Cantabaco

If this is your first time reading this blog, you should know that writing about stuff unrelated to the photos I post is a regular thing around here. Anyway, it's my first time to be back to Toledo after the Lust for Lime, which is about 7 months ago. Willard, Enie, Gretchen, and all the Cantabaco people are just as chill as ever.

I really enjoy climbing with people who keep telling me I can do it, even if I obviously know I can't. But trying things I'm not sure I'm capable of doing surprises me--sometimes delightfully, often regretfully. I went back to Toledo again last Saturday with a new group of friends. Yeah, I bullied them all day. But they're cool with it, I hope. It's my first time seeing Flor again after several months. I made her belay me on all the 4 routes I did. She's a suprisingly good belayer but not very good at giving betas. I fell twice trying to do the moves she told me to. But as the Cantabaco peeps always say, all is well.

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