Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Poog, Toledo, Cebu

Lately, Cebu’s traffic has been both unforgiving and unforgivable. Back when we moved in around 2001, we only had these traffic volumes when two cars collide on a two-lane street. But today, jam is the norm.

Some people are suggestion flyovers, bus transits, and some underground rail system. They’re thinking of adding more traffic to solve the traffic (well, that’s now how it really is to them and counter-arguments abound for my statement). A simpler solution would be to make people ride their bicycle to work. We don’t need fancy bike lanes. Obviously, the people who organize these “more liveable” movements are too fat to be practicing what they preach. What we need is for people to actually bike to work and not just post their “activisms” on Facebook.

I just find it inconceivable, in my highly biased and self-projecting viewpoint of the world, that people can’t take the a 5-km bike to work. I moved out of my house on my bicycle, with random essentials and non-essentials stuffed in my larger-than-life Hurley backpack. So I’m taking a step back from preaching (I was never on the pulpit anyway).

I just ride my bike to work, to the climbing spot, and to anywhere I go. My motor bike’s registration expired two weeks ago and I’m not too keen at going through the trouble of paying for something I don’t use. So this post is supposed to be about Poog, the new crag in Toledo. I sent a request to Openstreetmap to include the spot on the map. The spot remains unresolved but those guys are awesome, they always put things on the map. I'll be climbing there on Sunday, 16th of November. I'll take more photos and hopefully I can write a better, more informative entry about it.



Anonymous said...

Two thumbs up.

Adrenaline Romance said...

Ahhhh...we love climbing the Poog crag. :) And it got even better with the nearby stall selling fishballs and tempura. :)

Bal Marsius