Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kersly Potter - Tequila Note

Yesterday I've read about this stuff about reading. The guy says we used to not have space in between written words because we don't put pauses in between every word when we speak (but we're able to distinguish between words because *duh!* they sound distinct from each other, except in the case of words coming from the mouth of Arnold Schwarzenegger).

But not having to put spaces between words puts too much strain on reading. So we, the smart humans of this earth, came up with space. Yes, we need space and we got it!

On a non-related note, I got Kersly Potter's first album. Please don't leave this blog without clicking that link. Otherwise, I'll hunt you down and bite you!

I can't sing or play any instrument but that does not hold me back from admiring other people.

I still don't know how to take a selfie so that one's a fail (see above). Still, my day is made because of the doodle. To all the social climbers out there, this one's for us. Let no gravity hold you back.

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