Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Random Thoughts (Not that any of my thought is non-random)

Today is no special day. But it's a sunny tropical Wednesday afternoon, I'm watching a Ben Harper concert, and I came across an old photo of me and my nephew.

Suddenly, I feel like I want to celebrate life, Walt Whitman style. But this zest may have also been brought about by my recent consumption of venti capuccino.

This morning, I said "good morning" to a baby in a stroller. She can't even talk yet.

I'm unusually positive.


Meanwhile, my friends from the beautiful island of Biliran, Leyte has announced they are staging their annual enduro mountain biking race on 26 April 2015. I barely made it to the top 10 the last time I was there (I finished 8th, I guess).

My eyes are failing me but my fashion compass still won't point towards acquiring a pair of glasses. I want to join that race. I've always had a special love for people from Leyte. One of my closest college friends is from Leyte (she's now elsewhere in the planet).

Also, the people from there are some of the bravest people I know. They've even overcome the worst storm ever.

So with two thoughts, I end this post:

1. Don't consume too much caffeine. It makes you feel happy when you're supposed to be suicidal.

2. Life is beautiful, we don't need a reason for that.


Ah Grabe! said...

Kakulba sa picture hehe

Bal Marsius said...

mas kulba pa ka, hadlok gud ko nimo

Bal Marsius