Monday, June 8, 2015

This is my part-time cat, "Cat."

This is my part-time cat, "Cat." I started feeding him last week and now we got a thing going on.

I bought him cat food yesterday and it took him a while to understand that cats are supposed to eat cat food. I had to hold the food close to his nose and, I was on the verge of demonstrating how to eat cat food, when he finally took the hint.

I placed Cat's food near my bike so he would bark if someone attempts to steal it.

Cat is taking my American Ninja Warrior time lately. I was supposed to watch an episode this morning when he started playing cute so I had to pat him. It was too late before I realized that Cat already took my me-time and I can't have it anymore because I had to go to work.

I have so many questions like: Where can he get protein? How can I be emotionally available when I'm holding a full-time job and I cycle and rock climb on the side?

If you are able to read this, I would appreciate some suggestions on the comment section.

Peace out.

Cat says "meow."

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Anonymous said...

- itupad sa imong pagkatulog si Cat para naa ka time para niya, time to sleep with cat :-)

- Roy

Bal Marsius