Monday, June 1, 2015

We're Clever But Clueless — 31 May 2015

I went climbing last Sunday with my friend whose identity I will keep confidential and will simply refer to as "Butch Casimir." He doesn't rob trains or banks but he went on a rampage on some 5.11 and 5.12 routes last Sunday. Hence, the nickname.

We were joined by our ever reliable belayer Enie, who is one hell of a climber himself.

Yes, that's a snake skin.

I did this bad-ass pose but I won't tell anyone how contrived this shot is.

Butch Casimir tried to stick a sloping mono — a.k.a. a "smono" — failed, and we all acknowledged his effort with good humor.

We had the privilege of meeting an awesome climber named Helen, who was out on her first outdoor climb.

We ended the day by eating more BBQ than necessary.

Couldn't have had a more perfect Sunday with lots of chalk, Jack Johnson, stories about smores, and making new friends.

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