Saturday, July 18, 2015

We Went to Talima and we Went Cheap: How to Go to Talima Fish Sanctuary on 100 Pesos

Big shout-out to my home girl/neighbor for making this trip happen.

Last Friday was a holiday. I was dead broke but my homey was keen on going out to sea. So we figured we'd try to get to Talima Fish Sanctuary on 100 pesos.

To be fair, we only counted the expenses from the pier to the sanctuary and back. This budget plan does not include the costs to get from wherever you are to Hilton Pier. That's because I had motorbike and I was still able to squeeze some gas out of it.

Anyway, here it goes:

1. Go to Hilton Pier, map on the link.

2. Pay 15 pesos for the ferry ride.

3. Take a habal-habal to the entry point of Talima Beach Resort.

4. Don't go in there unless you're willing to pay 250 pesos. Take the path beside the entrance that's due northeast. If you don't know where northeast is, try your luck with the habal-habal driver by asking where Task Force Kalikasan Viewing Station is.

5. Pay 50 pesos for the environmental fee. Just tell one of the wardens, "shut up and take my money." Or some nicer version of it. Don't be afraid if they seem grumpy at first. They're really nice, they're just squinting because the sea is too bright at times.

6. This is the Task Force viewing station. If you see it, you're on the right track. If you don't, work on your map-reading skills and try again.

I'm throwing some random photos just to prove we're cool kids.

Bal Marsius