Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blue marks the spot: Catarman, Liloan

Old photo taken from my Tumblr. I did not plan to swim (or drown) so I haven't brought my camera. This is Catarman water at low tide.

Took an early morning swim. I don’t really know how to swim but I know how to float and that’s all I need for a start. Just like in mountain biking. I don’t know how to fly but I know how to land and that’s all I need to jump my bike. After all, you don’t begin as an expert.

I had my first swimming lessons in Kawit, Medellin during my college practicum. Yes, my college degree is education. Some people reacted to that like I was breaking the discovery about the earth orbiting the sun and not otherwise. The guy who taught me is a triathlete named Job Paul Cereño. Other efforts before that formal lesson were attempts at not drowning.

What I do can’t be qualified as swimming but at least I know now how to get from one point to another, even if the water is above my nose.

The tide was high this morning when I took my sister to school. The water was quite inviting and I was having some Michael Phelps delusion so down I went.

The bridge in Catarman, Liloan is a popular diving spot...for kids and adults who are not into the bourgeois type of diving. To get there, you just have to follow this map I stole from Google:

Thanks to Google Maps, getting you lost is as easy as a screenshot. Blue marks the spot (Imagine me saying that in Jigsaw's voice.)

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