Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Camotes Island

There were rumors that a representative from the Mafia was sent to accompany me to Camotes. Yest, the rumors are true.

The impression that Camotes is a land of coconut is verified upon a rounding of the island. However, this does not prevent resorts from pricing them at P50 each.

These are boats.

The rollercoaster road to San Francisco, Camotes. Just ride your motorbike at high speed and feel your intestines to vanish for a few seconds.

The Mafia

Bakhaw Beach. If you want to see the ever so cliche white sand and some stupid-looking Mongoloid species (commonly called Koreans).

These are guava fruits. They will be shipped to Cebu for "copras." (The source of Copra energy drink.)

Once upon a time, someone thought of making a floater out of this. Then it dragged him to the bottom of the ocean and he was never seen again.

You'll never see the sea recede as far as this during low tide. There really is recession in Camotes, as reported by our Asian correspondent Trisha Takanawa

A man trying to move the sea with a stick

ohgawd. next photo...

A starfish, a very close relative of an atom-composite entity called a porn star

The guy who owns this place is an Italian named Andres. He told me he used to play football and when I replied "You did?" he said everyone in Italy is a football player. Well, in the Philippines, everyone is a Facebook-er. Beat that

I suppose falling boulders are an attraction now.

The road to Poro, Camotes. The DBP ATM machine is the town's main tourist attraction.


Xan said...

"These are boats." "A man trying to move the sea with a stick" *Like

estoryahe bai! tanan CEBU ug BISDAK said...

hahahaha i had fun reading this post, really nabuang ko kadali hahahaha. nice one ;-)

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