Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Camping Gears for Osmeña Peak

Paging Chyrel Gomez, James Tan, and Lester:

The first and only time I camped was during Scouting, about ten years ago. So most probably this will be a disaster. But what da hell. Our existence is disaster enough. Here are some camping gears I "think" we could use:

ground tarp under the tent
sleeping bag
trash bag
first aid kit (optional, just don't break your neck or something)
camping knife/multi-tool
mugs (not sure about this, maybe you don't have to. there's probably starbucks at the peak)
food (can be bought at the market. we can dine at some karenderia to minimize our waste at the campsite)
booze (it's so up to you)
canteen/water bottle
shoes/sandals (no, not those sponge bob bedroom slippers)
warm clothing for the night, comfortable clothes for two days
porn mag (optional)

We will head for Dalaguete at 8am. There is a bus that goes directly to Mantalogon but I prefer we ride Ceres then hop on habal-habal to our destination. It is more convenient: more convenience means less fatigue.

There is a plan for a Kawasan traverse. But I do not know the route and Google earth shows nothing but clouds on the Osmeña Peak part. We might, if there are other people going. But then again, we can always guess our way to the other side. For questions, email me ilovebasics@gmail.com.


Xan said...

"But what da hell. Our existence is disaster enough."


approximately lost said...

maglagot na gyud ko aning #jaky

Xan said...
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Chyrel Gomez said...

How about hallucinogen?

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