Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Auldey Mini 4-Wheel Drive

About 11 years ago, people went crazy over mini 4-wheel drives because of the manga show Bakuso Kyodai Let's and Go. Well, it was partly because of it. But what really drew people to it, I think, it the customizability and the speed of these 4wd racers.

This got to be my favorite toy of all time. If you look at its structure, you will know what I mean (well, you would know because most 4wd's are not pre-assembled, you have to build them yourself unless you settle for being a loser and buy a built one).

A 4wd has a very basic structure: it has a dynamo for power, tires (you know what tires are for, right?), cogs and rods to transfer dynamo power to the tires, rollers so it can cruise through bends, and a chassis to hold the thing together. Then there's the top which gives the 4wd its looks. Its simplicity is just overwhelming.


Several days ago the Boss and I went to SM to watch a movie. Before we reached the theatre we passed by Toy Kingdom and I decided to take a look inside. And there it was at the far shelf to the right, one of the best things of my childhood. The stocks are low-end Auldey 4WDs, sold for P 149. It's for starter level alright but it does not matter. I'm in for the idea of the toy and not for competition.

It took me 40 minutes to transform the random bits of plastic, cogs, and rods into a working-rolling-running-into-everything toy. That was a lot of time alright but I was nostalgic with every bit I've put into place.

The movie I watched with the Boss sucked big time. I wanted to poke my eyes half-way through. I wished Immortals would redeem its lousy plot and characters though special effects but it did not. Give me Riki-Oh any day.

This mini 4WD saved my night, the way Powerpuff Girls save the day. I am happy we stopped by at the toy store for no reason at all.

I first assembled this as a four-wheel drive to live up to its name. But I removed the four-wheel drive rod because I enjoy seeing it skid before it takes off. My first 4WD (I was in grade school then) was designed with its dynamo at the front. It's called the FM chassis. I will buy one once I've saved up.


Kikit said...

i sometimes get confused why grown-up men are still into toys. dan, for instance, is a toy-kingdom addict. will tell him about this :)

Bal Marsius said...

Kikit, it's a simple equation:

boys = toys
boys love themselves
therefore, boys love toys :P

Bal Marsius