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A No Non-Sense Guide from Mt. Manunggal to Brgy. Tabunan

I often do not make sense in my posts so today I’ll try to be really, really helpful. Presenting my photoblog guide on how to get to Brgy. Tabunan from Mt. Manunggal. This trail is not as easy as helping Dora find where Tico the Squirrel lives but it is completely “trekkable.” Do not worry if you are new to trekking. If you do three jogs each week, you would do fine in Manunggal.

What I did here was pedal from Cebu City to Manunggal then trek all the way down to Brgy. Tabunan Proper via footpaths. Just a quick info. The junction to Manunggal along Transcentral highway is more or less 40km from JY (I could not give the exact distance, I do not have a speedo/odometer.) It is the junction before the old bridge along Transcentral Highway. From there on, you will not get lost.

Here is how it went:

This path between the pine trees lead to a memorial (a rather unattractive one) of Ramon Magsaysay. Face the bust, there is a single track that leads to the left. Head off there. There are houses across the Magsaysay monument if you are not sure where to go. Feel free to ask, there are not a lot of people you can ask along the way.

The path at the background is where the stone-slab stairs along the pine tree path leads. Just across me is the Magsaysay monument, one of its tiny poles I used as a platform.

Trekking sandals or shoes will give you an advantage along this slimy, muddy, and slippery trail. You will not have any problem finding your way until you reach a mango tree where the footpath forks into a "Y." I took the one leading to the right. I am not sure where the left path leads to but it seemed to go nowhere. Although I did not take it, I surveyed it and arrived at a pepper plantation where a big water pipe runs in the middle. So I guess that's the sign where not to go.

Off the right path is a stair of slimy rocks, with water flowing along. It is quite steep and slipper so you have to watch your steps carefully. I was confident that I took the right track because I found a used water bottle and a lighter there. Garbage do give clues but I don't recommend leaving them.

From here on, I just followed the path until I arrived at a house with pigeons, owned by a guy named Mio. Beside the pigeons is a rubber tub where he stores water. He was really kind to offer Tuba (coconut wine) and I gladly stayed until the last drop. I cannot exactly remember if there are forks before I arrived at Mio's house. My bad.

It is a lot easier from Mio's house. There are houses scattered until this bamboo bridge so it is not difficult to find the way. From this bridge, you take the left. The right-hand side of the footpath is flanked by a string of hills. Just walk on until you see houses. There are stores and habal-habals in Tabunan. But when I got there last Saturday, nobody was cooking so I had to go to Tagbao before I had my lunch.

A closeup of the bridge. I had troubles with my derailleur and chain along the way. Happened a lot, a lot. I suggest bringing food for the 2-3 hour walk to Tabunan. Boredom can really get you hungry.

Just head straight and you will find Brgy. Tabunan to the right. I hope this helps.


This is a post script and a long one at that.

This concludes the first month of my return to cross-country mountain biking. It had been an amazing month. I rode consistently during weekdays and had some half-day ride on weekends. I did the Uling-Lutopan round, Liloan-Lugo roundtrip, and the scenic Carmen-Danao route.

I would like to thank the Boss for sending me off on this trip. She had always been supportive. She was the one who encouraged me to go train again for racing. She woke up early on her rest day just so we could have breakfast at Sinangag Express, Lahug. She also sent me off in my first training ride, the Uling-Lutopan round.

Last Saturday, I rode through rain, fog, dirt, and scorching sun. The I went down a slippery, steep trail with a heavy bicycle that I have to carry all along. The weather has been ever-changing, it is great to have something constant: the Boss' support.

A perfect way to end a long day: Waffle ice cream at Cafe Maru. With the Boss, of course.

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Too bad we did not reach the summit of Mt Manunggal.

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