Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Official Map of Siquijor

I do not have a scanner so open THE MAP in full-res if you want it to be readable. I just want to indicate the distance between the towns, because the most common misconception about Siquijor is that it is just as small as Camotes. Oh well...

Siquijor island has six towns. We will start with the Municipality of Camotes. If you want this map, you can get if for free at the provincial capitol. If you have questions about the island, I might be able to help so leave a comment. kthanksbye.

Siquijor to San Juan: 12 kilometers
San Juan to Lazi: 20 kilometers
Lazi to Maria: 10 kilometers
Maria to Enrique Villanueva: 12 kilometers
Enrique Villanueva to Larena: 12 kilometers
Larena to Siquijor: 9 kilometers

Total distance around the island: 75kms.

Somebody might sell you "gayuma" for 600 pesos. Palit na lang chocolate, ayaw na anang lumay-lumay. Malipay na imong gihatagan, di pa ka manimaho. Mas barato pa gyud.

Siquijor gas station caltexA Caltex gas station in Siquijor. Apparently, they had a merger with Coca-Cola.

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Mark said...

I am going to revisit Siquijor one of these days... Thanks for the map...

Bal Marsius